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Thread: NW Pacifc Tree Frogs & Neem

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    NW Pacifc Tree Frogs & Neem

    It may have been axed before but does common over the counter neem oil products hurt PNW tree frogs. I noticed mold creeping up a log in my tank where we house some of the 'locals'.
    Appreciate your thoughts. If it will hurt them I think simple elbow grease might just be the fix.
    Good growing, Jack
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    I would be inclined to think it would be detrimental to the frogs. By and large frogs are susceptible to most chemicals because they can take them up through there skin so easily. I avoid using any chemicals of any kind on my frog tanks for this reason.
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    just let the mold run its will disappear after it eats the sugars in the wood.....until that happens it will keep coming back....
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