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Thread: Smiley the Nile Monitor Lizard

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    I thought that they had confirmed that at least komodos were actually venomous?

    Almost every monitor I have seen that the owner claims is "tame" is either too cold, or too sick to be as active as they should be. I did see one impressive specimen (an ornate monitor) that was so well adjusted to its owner that he did not bite. Even when given ample opportunity. The man still had all his fingers, too. It was an adult, in good health. Fed by hand, without gloves or tongs.

    It takes a spectacular investment of time and training, but monitors are very intelligent animals, and quite trainable when worked properly. I had only just started working with my baby sav whe. She died during a cross-country move.
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    From what I'd heard they had discovered trace venoms in the saliva of multiple species, but since then I've heard little in the way of confirmation and the reptile professor at my college seems to still be in the camp that they're not, so we'll see.
    And water monitors at least can be rather quickly and easily tamed if started young. Check out Animalbytes TV (or more specifically the show Snakebytes) on FB or Youtube, there was a segment a short while back that focused on a guy who bred water monitors. Incredibly tame his animals end up...
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