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In this update I'm going to discuss the health of the toads, update you on the snails, and discuss some very interesting news.

The good news is three toads were negative in May for parasites. Ace, Pious, and Wellsboro all tested negative. The hope is every 2-3 months to have them tested. The quarantine protocol for the toads will be the most intense because they have suffered the most. Production of their tank the upcoming 300 gallon will be coming hopefully next year. It's almost been a year Ace and Pious have been in quarantine. If Ace and Pious are negative for the next test I can give them back soil and we can see how they respond to having some. If they are negative with soil through many tests then we can begin considering them ready. I have not weighed the toads in a while but I know Ace and Wellsboro are over 100 grams.

All the toads are eating and seem to be very active. Navi tested positive for parasites, but she has been doing much better. The hope is we deworm her and we can have her healthy. She's made great progress and I'm starting to see how she can voraciously catch prey. All is good for these four toads.

The snails have been eating and doing great. They seem to be active when the toads are. The best part of keeping the toads and the snails together in the same room is seeing how they enjoy the same conditions of cool temps and wet/damp soil. When I mist the snails, they seem to enjoy it just like the toads. The species I believe my snails to be is the White-lip globe snail. This species I have been documenting in many places to literally live on the same trail as the toads. Let's hope the introduction between the two is good. I'm hoping a slow large snail that can curl up and remain motionless like a rock will deter the toads from preying on the snails. If they can live together we could be in for a treat.

Some interesting news that I'm sure you will be intrigued by. I have decided to collect the native isopods from my area recently. Along with the isopods I will be keeping the Giant Narceus Millipede which has been showcased along with my gray tree frogs in another thread. This decision came from two important components. The millipedes are in the same room as the snails and toads and appear to be more active then when previous millipedes were in the hallway in much hotter conditions. So their higher activity in cooler conditions for me is the main reason for keeping them with the native isopods in a cooler room. The millipedes will not live with the toads because the toads Will eat them. I hope to breed the millipedes and still showcase them. The isopods are my main clean up crew decomposing poop, rotting wood, dead plants, and more. The isopods are going to be a protected and colonized. I really like the native isopods and I know the toads absolutely love to eat them. Colonizing them makes me happy because I like them and the toads happy because they love to eat them.

I have a lot more surprises in store for this developing story still to come. It's like I'm building a team like how basketball teams try to build their rosters; that is how I am feeling while continuing to move forward with getting plants, inverts, and many other surprises along the way.

1-2 Ace (Left) Pious (Right)
3 Wellsboro
4-5 Snail and Millipede eating
6 Millipede
7 Navi

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