I've been hearing alot of people saying that you can't have mixed tanks except for a few occasions. I was just wondering what everyone thought of my 2 tanks.

tank 1: 2/3 aquatic
houses 2 firebelly newts, 3 firebelly toads, 1 african dwarf frog, 1 male betta, and the odd feeder goldfish.

tank 2 :rainforest tank
houses 2 red reed frogs, 1 golden tree frog, 1 green tree frog and 2 mantellias (Sp?)

Tank 1 has been around for well over a year, everything is very well in there, the newest thing to be put in was the betta, I broke his container and picked him off the floor and put him like the only place I could think. newts are happy enough to breed off and on. I've never had any of the addinions that wern't added as food die.

Tank 2 is newer but just under a year old. Started with the reds, then the green then the golden and now the newest are the mantellias(sp?) everything get's on well, no worring that somethings gonna eat another thing. The only preventive thing I do is occasionally seperate to feed, just to make sure that the stragalers get their share, but most times it's not neccisary. I've only had 1 die in there, but it was a green and I had just brought it home, it died that night, so I'm almost certain that there was something wrong with it to begin with.

Also if any one had information on red reed frogs, I would appreciate it, as I'm flying blind. thanks,