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    Sony Aibo

    Has anyone here heard of the Sony Entertainment Robot the Sony Aibo? Most people don't even know it exists. I've only just found out about them relatively recently. I remembered you all and thought I would tell you about it. I used to be on here in 2001 under a different name but came back...
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    Sites regarding vft planting with photographs

    Nice sites i found regarding on how to plant vft bulbs that also have photographs to help demonstrate more clearly this process-lol thought it may help newbies like me plant them as the little things spring back up at you and can be irritating to plant! :crazy: Enjoy...
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    Temperatures required for natural vft dormancy

    Advice from growers from warmer climates on how they overwinter there plants would be much appreciated.
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    Hi i used to be on here a few years back

    Hi my names Chris,
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    Helpful Venus Flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) Cultivation Advice for Beginners

    Helpful Venus Flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) Cultivation Advice for Beginners Began this care sheet to help new growers grow these plants in the easiest way possible.I recently purchased some dionaea through mail order and thought I might post some helpful growing advice on these plants for new...