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    Oddly shaped trap

    Hey guys, this trap popped up and is pretty strange looking. I am hoping that the plant is fine, is this considered a mutation? I transplanted the plant this year after it came out of dormancy, so I'm hoping I don't have any root problems.
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    Old asteroid game

    I'm trying to find an old game I played 10+ years ago on an apple computer. I think it was called Asterex or something like that. It was basically an asteroid game like the classic, except it had ship upgrades and weapon upgrades and was in full color. I think I remember it being only for Apple...
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    Any mac users?

    Hey everyone. Long time no type.... I was just curious if there are any Mac users on here. I have been a PC user all my life, and started working on a mac about a year ago. I think I am going to purchase my first mac ever as soon as the macbook pro is released with the 17" screen (hopefully...
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    Any bowlers?

    I have been bowling for over 10 years now......and all of a sudden I don't remember how to throw correctly! It's driving me nuts. I have a fingertip ball and normally when I bowl, my ball has a pretty good hook on it. I switched to fingertip about 3 or 4 years ago, and have bowled several 200+...
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    Huge snowstorm!

    We had a HUGE snowstorm on wednesday! We got 15 inches of snow in one day. The snow was so wet and heavy, tree branches, and entire trees were breaking all around town blocking streets and landing on power lines and cars. It was pretty crazy. I made it to work....and our power was on and off all...
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    D. intermedia

    My D. intermedia has formed what looks like a hibernacula. If I'm correct, these don't require a dormancy. It was receiving bright light over the summer, and now it started receiving direct sunlight again (I know....seems kind of backwards, but that's how my apartment is). When it started...
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    I got a D. regia a while ago, and it seems pretty healthy. It's leaves aren't quite as long as it was when I first got it, but they are getting back there. The other day, I noticed another plantlet shooting up out of the long fibered sphagnum! This is the first regia I have ever had, so I'm...
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    Direct sunlight vs flourescents

    I have had my venus fly traps under flourescent lights for the summer since my windowsill didn't get direct sunlight for the summer until now.  The traps are really big one one of them, but they aren't producing them very fast.  On two of the others the traps are average sized, but some of them...
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    I've watched it a few times already this week. I thought it was a great show. Anybody see it? I think there were alot of symbolic things in there, but I'm not sure what all of them mean. Interesting take on everything though.
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    Anybody invest?

    Hey, I'm brand new to the world of investing. I just started up some mutual funds through an investor and was thinking about buying some stocks. I have no idea where to begin though. There's some nice online sites for trading, but again.........I'm not really too sure where to begin. Does...
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    Planting seeds

    Do they like some direct sunlight? Would they be ok to be in my windowsill now in sun for a good 4-5 hours a day? I have them in a strawberry plastic container in another larger container and some plastic wrap over the top. The plastic wrap doesn't completely cover it so there is still some room...
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    I received best of show for this picture

    I took this picture when my Venus Fly Trap was flowering and entered it in the state fair. I won first place and best of show in the color photography division! I also got second place as well with the second picture.
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    No good place for shade growers

    I have some D. adelae in my windowsill right now and they are very happy. The sun barely hits the windowsill and the plants are far enough back so they don't get the direct sun, but very bright light. Pretty soon, the sun will shift enough so the whole window sill will get blasted with sunlight...
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    How long can a leaf cutting

    I took two leaf cuttings, a D. rotundifolia and a D. spatulata,put them in some water, sealed the top and put them in the windowsill. They both starting growing new plants! This is the first time I have really tried the water technique and it worked great! How long can I let them grow in there...
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    Star wars iii

    I went to it yesterday. Just curious what everybody thought. I won't say too much for those who haven't seen it yet. It was good..........but IMO the first three made are still the best. Great effects though! There was a midnight showing and people were in line for it since 8 in the...
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    Direct sunlight

    Since winter, the sun has moved (or Earth has moved....) either way, my plants don't really get direct sunlight in my south facing window anymore. The over-hang is just enough to keep the sun out of the windowsill. It's still bright light, but no direct sunlight. I'm growing venus fly traps, D...
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    Venus fly trap flower

    My flytrap is flowering! I've never had one this old before (4 or 5 years maybe) and the flower is waaayyy bigger than the one other one of mine that flowered many years ago. Thought I'd share! This is as far as it opened up when I was here. I took alot of pictures, but it was very cloudy today...
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    A couple of questions......

    I have been waiting for my D. spatulata seeds to sprout now for about 6 weeks and I still see no sign of anything. I'm hoping that I didn't harvest them too early or do something wrong at that stage of things. I thought they were supposed to sprout pretty quickly. I have them in a mix of 2:1:1...
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    Drosera capensis flower

    The title basically says it, my Drosera capensis has been flowering for about a week now, but none of the flowers have opened up all the way. They will open up far enough for me to see inside, but the petals won't spread out. It's in my windowsill getting good sunlight. Anything I can do...
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    Today is our dodgeball tournament! We had a team in it last semester and we won the whole thing! So now we're going for a repeat. It's today at noon. Should be fun! I'll post results later today. - Joel