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    logistical quesion small seed lot permit

    Hello everybody, I received my small seed lot import permit earlier this summer. While I checked off Orlando (one of the options - and a 40 minute round trip), it came back with the point of entry as Miami (approximately a 7 hour round trip). My questions: 1) Is it correct to assume that it is...
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    The freaks are out in full force

    The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opens tomorrow in Orlando. Islands of Adventure opens at 9. Universal is opening the parking garages at 5:30 A.M., and will be letting people into that part of the park at 10:30. The local news is showing crowds of people already standing outside of Universal...
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    Seed planting time?

    I have gotten my grubby hands on seeds of D. trinervia, D. hilaris, D. cistiflora, and D. pauciflora. While I can find information on how to cultivate them, and have grown some of them in the past, I can't find ifo on when to actually plant the seed/does it need a hot-dry stratification...
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    Small seed lot import permit

    I tried (for the 3rd time) yesterday to apply for a small seed lot import permit on line. I submitted my information and received a screen that said something about checking my email for a reply with a link to activate my account. Like the previous attempts, I received no...
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    Seaworld, Orlando

    I decided to go yesterday to see what they did to the whale show since they restarted it. Same show minus the trainers in the water for now. They also did a video tribute to the trainer who was killed. On my way in to the parking lot I did drive by the PETA fanatics who were picketing and...
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    Poop question

    Living in the temperature hell that is Florida, my other hobby is raising tortoises. They poop alot. Each day I can easily fill a 5 gallon utility pail when I clean up their yard area. Wanting to be more earth friendly, I think I want to compost this instead of constantly throwing it away...
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    Looking for seed information

    I am currently looking to expand my Drosera collection and am looking for a commercial source of seed. Anyone have any suggestions? I know about the ICPS seedbank - but unfortunately their selection is not great and it pretty much stays the same from month to month. Any help would be...
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    Hey, it snowed here last night - granted it was wispy flurries and it melted before it hit the ground - but it snowed.
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    I went outside earlier today to water my plants (it takes all of about 3 minutes). Looking at them I decided it was time to expand my collection a little. I currently have 4 types of sundews and 6 pitcher plants. I have decided seeds are the way to go. Does anyone know of a reliable seed source...
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    Drosera binata

    I know there was a discussion before on getting seeds from the D. binata complex plants, and I think that it was said that they are not self-fertile and you need another plant from a different clone to produce seed. Apparently all my plants are from the same clone since I haven't gotten any seed...
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    I think you all lie

    Everyone says that D. capensis is a weed. I have never been able to get a single seed to germinate (aliciae either). I don't know if I just keep getting old seed or it gets crushed in the mail - but I don't have problems with other types of seed. That's not my question though, if capensis is...
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    Speaking of bad weather

    Don't plan your vacation to Florida for the next couple days. We're currently sandwiched between Tropical Storm Bonnie and Hurricane Charley. The local forcast is for sustained 50 mph winds and 10-15 inches of rain between tonight and tomorrow night. But at least its not snow! I guess after work...