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  1. Lechenaultia

    old Utricularia seeds

    Utricularia longifolia “multi-flowered scape” Araponga, Minas Gerais state, Brazil When Fernando-san was studying abroad at the University of Tokyo, he kindly gave me a lot of Brazilian cp seeds. The seeds are 20+ years old now. I sowed one of them on February 19, 2021. I confirmed the...
  2. Lechenaultia

    Pinguicula in Japan

    There are no new photos. They are very old photos. Please be patient. After posting the photos, I will post my question. First of all, Pinguicula ramosa,
  3. Lechenaultia

    ICPS cultivar definition

    March 2021 CPN How should I understand the cultivars definition of the ICPS? Eventually, I will follow the international rules and the rules of the ICPS. Before that, I would like to share and confirm the unclear points with many people. I'm trying to understand the "cultivars" defined by...
  4. Lechenaultia

    You might come to Japan.

    A few of you may be planning to come to Japan especially in 2020. The Olympic&Paralympic games or the ICPS conference, I don't know much about both. Anyway, whatever your purpose, probably you have extra time to stay in Japan other than the main purpose. I would post videos as many as I could...
  5. Lechenaultia

    How old is too old?

    Konnichiwa! First of all, I am not a Nepenthes enthusiast, but I like Nepenthes. I am quite unfamiliar with Nepenthes. In fact, I have been hardly growing Nepenthes in greenhouse. I remember the disappointed look (facial expression) of the great German Nepenthes & Heliamphora specialist, who is...
  6. Lechenaultia

    Bear and missile

    Please go to: What are you listening to right now?
  7. Lechenaultia

    Child abuse or Child labor?

    Dear School teachers and School kids, Many people consider this is child abuse, child labour, machines, robots, Lack of individuality…. bunch of negative things. But if you are a school teacher or any person involved in educational activities, this is worth watching. School Lunch in Japan -...
  8. Lechenaultia

    Pinguicula casabitoana

    Dear All, Konnichiwa! This article was already posted to other forums before. I would like to post it here, because Paul-san showed me a fantastic short video. I would like to share his video to the terraforum members. Kind regards from the Far East
  9. Lechenaultia

    January in Japan

    Dear All, Konnichiwa! I found the video by chance several days ago. Scott-san wants to share this video anywhere. I cannot believe the video was created by a tourist (Scott Gold-san). The reasons were commented by a few people there. Please enjoy the video on a big screen. Very nice music...
  10. Lechenaultia

    Is this Scrophulariaceae species practicing carnivory?

    Is this Scrophulariaceae species practicing carnivory? Allen Lowrie and I have been working on breeding a large selection plant species, many of which do not always relate directly to this CP forum but if you grow carnivorous plants the majority of these plants do make fantastic companion...