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  1. HellzDungeon

    VFT inspired nike running shoes

    Hay, Hellz here found these shoes on Nikesb.org, the art and color way on these Air Max 90's are from the artist "Jon Burgerman" and feature VFT inspired art :) I love shoes and I had to share this with you guys so if your in the market for new sneakers, these are definitely a CP growers pick...
  2. HellzDungeon

    Hellz is back for a third time!

    Hay everyone, its been a while, no one probably remembers me, but yea ive been on these forums for a while, im thinking since i was in 8th grade, and now im a freshman in college :-O tried gettin back into the CP scene b4 in like, 11 grade, kinda fell out of the hobby in 10th, but yea i was...
  3. HellzDungeon

    Seed viability

    Hay, Hellz here, i have seeds i got a WHILE ago (like... 2005...), some 2000 stratified assorted sarra seeds, and i wanted to know wether or not i should even try to plant em again, or if they would even b viable still. i also have alot of drosera seeds, like capensis, spats, dielsiana, some U...
  4. HellzDungeon

    IM BACK!

    Hay! Hellz here wow its been a while since ive been on these forums lol well lets c... all my CPs died... cuz... im so ashamed to say so... but lack of interest on my part... but a trip to the supermarket today, and seeing some VFT on the rack made me miss my old hobby sooo now im back
  5. HellzDungeon

    Drosera filiformis help!

    Hay, Hellz here, ughhh, a Filiformis<span style='color:red'>[Edit: hopefully you mean Drosera filiformis, please don't forget that species names have two parts and both parts must be used together.]</span> i got in a trade came in today, it was kinda in a small box, and when i opened it, to my...
  6. HellzDungeon

    Greenhouse question

    Hay, Hellz here, my dad saw how much this hobby has encaptured me, and has asked me if i would want a greenhouse put into out back yard. As most any plants Fanatic would, I answered "Hellz Yes!" so any way, i asked him if he would have a heater put in, so i can have space to grow some larger...
  7. HellzDungeon

    My class ring

    Hay, Hellz here, just wanted to sho off my class ring, hope yall like it ^^ lol i dont think yall wanna know how much it cost   Hellz
  8. HellzDungeon

    D. capensis question

    Hay Hellz here, i am always looking at peoples D. Capensis, cuz it is one of my fav dews, and they always seem sooooo huge how to yal grow em to get that big? also, they were 2 types of D. Capensis ive never heard about, D. capensis rubra D. capensis "Giant form" i have traded for the latter...
  9. HellzDungeon

    Woot! more seed

    Hay, Hellz here, lol i bought 250 pre stratified assorted Sarra seeds from e bay (one of 2 offers) i was gonna get both, but i said what am i gonna do wit all those seedlings? anyways, i cant wait till i get em, they going in my bog for the season, and then ima put em in my terrarium over the...
  10. HellzDungeon

    Nep id needed plz

    Hay, Hellz here, i got this Nep from PFT, a year ago, and i cant really tell what it is lol here are the pics Heres a Pitcher from it This is a fairly new Pitcher, Still needs to be reddened up a lil bit Thanks in advanced, Hellz
  11. HellzDungeon

    Woot 1 year of cping

    Hay Hellz here, lol today marks my one year anniversary with yall, and its been great I gotta give thanks to you guys, for being so informative about these wonderful plants, and for helping newbs out like myself ^^ no doubt ill continue to cultivate CPs with the help of the people of this forum...
  12. HellzDungeon

    Xanga owners?

    Hay Hellz here, does neone have a Xanga here? heres a link to myn here HellzDungeon's Xanga If you have one, drop me some props, and ill subbie you Ight Hellz
  13. HellzDungeon

    What the heck?

    What the heck is this man? Venus Fly Trap Extract lol just froogling Carnivorous plants and found it Hellz
  14. HellzDungeon

    Looking for the following plants

    Looking to trade for these: D. Filiformis ssp. Filiformis D. Filiformis ssp. Tracyi Any other Temperate Dews D. Multitfida "Extrema" D. x 'Martson Dragon' Byblis Liniflora S. Minor S. Psittacina Any low growing Sarracenia Hybrids Any VFT i dont have Heres my Growlist Hellz Growlist Please PM me...
  15. HellzDungeon

    Help me t_t

    o man, im in big trouble, i got a virus or something on my moms comp, and she was in the middle of tax season T_T she does taxes for a lot of ppl, and it says every time she goes on that there a fatal system error What should be done to get it fixed? is there a way the memory on it can still be...
  16. HellzDungeon

    Hellz grow list

    VFT Regular Akai Ryu Dente Green Dragon Drosera D. Binata D. Spatulata D. Capensis (regular, Wide leaf, Red, and Alba) D. Indica D. Dielsiana D. Nidiformis D. Filiformis D. Intermedia D. Adelae D. Scorpiodes Neps N. Miranda N. Ventrata 2 neps from PFT (prob N. Tobiaca and N. Ventricosa)...
  17. HellzDungeon


    Hay, Hellz Here i got all my VFT still in my dads fridge (he keeps bothering me to take em out so he can keep more beer in it -_-) it just snowed in NY on LI where I live (Valley Stream) and i just wanted your guys thoughts on what i should do. Thanks in advanced, Hellz
  18. HellzDungeon

    Seed help

    Hay Hellz Here, I checked today, and i saw they had Byblis Liniflora at the ICPS seed bank!!! i want to get them, but i recently just ordered seed, and my mom wouldnt let me get them -_- If anyone orders them, I would like to trade for some of the seed. plz PM me and ill tell you what i have. Hellz
  19. HellzDungeon

    Seeds for sase

    Hay, Hellz here i still have a surplus of D. Spatulata seed from the summer of 04, and will give away multiple bags(each bag i have contains a seed stalk and i have over 20 bags, each containing TONS of seed, just ask for more , if u want to start your friends into CP's ^^). Also, i recently...
  20. HellzDungeon

    Ddr fans?

    LOL me again ^^ neone here into DDR? I just started on mat 2 weeks ago (I am a beast on controller) and since im able to read the notes, i can already do Heavy/Maniac w/e you want to call it. My best song is Dam Dariram, and I get A on it everytime I play it (with my new Red Octane Pad ^^). So...