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    For Trade Drosera adelae 'giant'

    https://www.flickr.com/gp/133374586@N03/1C04B0 I would like to trade this for 1 or 2(or 100) Mexican pings suitable for a windowsill. I've had it for a couple months and it's been growing great in a large jar. I'm not really looking for specific species; just want comparably sized plant(s) for...
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    S. rubra giveaway!

    I have to make space with my plants, and I have five rubras too many. I have no idea what variety/subspecies they are; I'll post a picture or two here tomorrow. They're three or four years old and been producing pitchers 6-7 inches long. Winners will pay 6 dollars shipping preferably by paypal...
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    How do I plant these flat cobra lilies?

    I ordered a cobra lily online and got these two little plants. They're....flat, as if they were the last two plants left smooshed against the side of a pot or terrarium. Most of the pitchers are pretty much growing at a right angle to the roots. Do cobra lillies' roots grow horizontally instead...
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    S. Rubra & S. purpurea up for trade!

    After splitting my rubras a couple months ago, I ended up with twelve plants! I've given some to friends but still have 6 extra I'm willing to give up. Last summer, they were making pitchers 5-7 inches tall. I also have 2 purpurea venosa's I'd like to trade. One purpurea is a baby with pitches...
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    How important is rinsing?

    Hello, earlier today I put together a mini-bog with my small CP collection (2 VFT's, 2 S. rubra's, & 1 purple pitcher plant gotten just yesterday from lowe's). I used the standard 1:1 ratio of peat to sand. When I got the sand yesterday, I surprisingly couldn't find playground sand at either...
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    Ryan's Growlist

    Dionaea muscipula: Typical 'Akai Ryu' Sarracenia: rubra ssp ? minor var okefenokeensis psittacina (Okaloosa County, FL) flava var ornata (Navarre, FL) flava var ornata (Liberty County, FL) minor x ? x wrigleyana (Santa Rosa County, FL) leucophylla oreophila 'Sand Mountain, GA'...
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    Growing pings in Northwest Florida

    Northwest Florida has a humid subtropical climate. Will all three varieties of pings (temperate,warm-temperate, tropical) grow comfortably outside?
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    Insecticide, and fungicide

    Hey, I did a search of insecticides and fungicides because I was going to buy some and I did find some brands at the store, but they either werent what I wanted or too much money. When buying either one of them, what am I looking for in the ingredients? I remember one of them that was...
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    Hey, one of my S flavas is producing phyllodia. All of the others are not. Is there something wrong? I ask cause I thought they only grow phyllodia during dormancy. My conditions are at least 6 hours of sun, a mix of sand and peat, and the soil is usually wet. Sorry if I couldnt be precise on...
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    Hello. Well, all that I have ever grown is carnivorous plants, but I've become interested in nonCPs. Would anyone reccomend any beginner plants/flowers? Also are there any plants/flowers that will grow well during winter? I have recently found some sunflower seeds and Bloomsdale Spinach seeds...
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    First animal attack....

    Today I went to my back yard to check on my plants and my mouth dropped in horror. My new and flowering VFT was uprooted and lying by the pot it only had 3 mouths and had recently made a new one but that was snapped off.... My rubra looked like something had dug up the dirt around it and...
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    Got a new nep at lowes

    I got a new nep at Lowes today. It was in a cuve with a VFT and a sundew. Someone told me I should remove it and repot it. What mixture should I use? I only have perlite peat and i have long dried spag lying around somewhere that I dont know where. I wont be able to buy more soils or anything...
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    Dew lost stick

    Okay today I went to Lowes and I bought one of those tubes. It had a flytrap sundew and tropical pitcher plant all in one pot. I brought it home and watered it and put it outside. (I will put it in a tray when I can find one that isnt being used. ) I came back outside like 45 mins later and all...
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    My new Drosera Capenis alba.

    Yesterday I got a free Drosera Cpenis alba in the mail. It is small. What I did was put it in a pot of peat in a tray with like a inch of water. That is it. I know I did something wrong. What should I of done (so I know what to do in the future) and what should I do?
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    Water only?

    Hey I was wandering if CPs could survive in like a bucket of distilled water. I ask because I remember seeing Droseas floating in a river ,though they were in like a fin layer of moss or something holding them up.
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    Writing a letter....

    OKay, I was wandering, how do I make a letter to a foreign country? I live in Florida and will need to make a letter to Germany. Will there be any extra things I would have to do? Like stamps and stuff?
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    Digital camera

    It has become overly obvious I need a digital camera. Does anyone have any suggestions? Preferberly (SP?) cheap and of course somehting I can hook up to my computer and show yall my plants.
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    D burmannii

    Ok someone is going to ship me 50 D. burmannii seeds and these are my first time with seed growing. Here is a list of copy and pasted questions I sent him so if yall could answer them also and tell me anything else I should know like dromancy. When should I put them in the ground? How long...
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    What can I do?

    I am wandering what can I do to help preserve CPs?
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    Science project procrastination

    Okay being the typical lazy boy I was given 6 weeks to do a science project and I waited to the last two weeks. I need a idea like now. My teacher said it had to be a expirement and it has to be highschool level. Please remeber that and incase youdont knwo I would have to do research in the...