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    I am in this contest

    That sounds clever.
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    What music groups does everyone like?

    Jimi Hendrix The Doors Black Sabbath Primus (they suck, if your a fan you'll understand) Anthrax Metallica (and justice and before) The White Stripes The Clash Ramones Nirvana LED ZEPPELIN Pink Floyd Queen Van Halen Phychidelic Furs AC/DC The Beatles I don't think I should use any more...
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    What's your favorite movie?

    Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure and the sequel, Bill and Teds Bogus Journey.
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    Cannibal corpse statue

    Awesome sculpture! the detail is amazing! If you like to sculpt morbid things i should put up some of my drawings
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    Tanya(flytrapgurl) has a message for you all

    A lot of them still rock though! Like Pink Floyd with " Dark Side of the Moon" in '73 and Anthrax with " Among the Living in '87. (should those 2 be mentioned in the same sentance?)
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    Disembodied finger found in chili at wendy's!

    Eeeeeww! This sound like the McChicken head-thing. I don't know which one is sicker
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    T rex soft tissue found!

    All I can say is wow. That is absolutly amazing!
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    New grow room!

    I am envious, my setup is pitifull. That is truly a great growspace.
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    still very fun to say, at my school, I am the cool weirdo 0_o
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    How the flytrap snaps its prey

    very interesting.
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    What is your favorite ice cream?

    cookie dough ice cream, makes my mouth water typing it
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    Happy Birthday!
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    Heyhey, neu to the forums

    that was........strange.
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    Are your fingers green, blue or both?

    CPs, easy as pie if you know the requirments and can fullfill said requirments, I never really ever had much to do with fish, except occasionly drawing a vicous pirhana. my drawings freak me out, i have to post a few on here sometime.
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    N00b question

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    Heyhey, neu to the forums

    welcomez doodlez, i'vez beenz growingz thesez thingz forz az whilez andz they'rez prettyz coolz, goodluckz withz themz
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    Happy holidays!

    "Britney Spears greatest Hits:My Prerogative" It burns! * screams* I got a some excellent computer speakers, some kinda skull kinda looks like beaver, a lava lamp, a rare shark-jaw, some dirt bike lessons, candy, clothing, some mold making and casting supplies, some dawing paper...
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    Rose haired tarantula

    I owned a male rose hair for quite some time, wish it had been a female, they live MUCH longer. and while your looking at inverts, give Scorpions a try, they are AWESOME!
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    Test your vocabulary!

    how bout flibbertegibbet?
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    Me one year ago

    nice sweater.