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  1. nealfor

    Hi from Atlanta, GA USA

    Hello there, I am from atlanta as well. I live way up on the north side though!
  2. nealfor

    Schloaty's bog divisions /raccoon city $30

    I'll get it started $5!!
  3. nealfor

    2010 NASC Online Benefit Auction

    Man oh man... I hope the Ozzy's mystery dews come out in full effect! And I hope I can afford one!
  4. nealfor

    what species/hybrids are YOU planning on making this season?

    How exactly do I collect and store in the fridge? Should I use a Q-Tip to collect and then just store it in a sandwich bag?
  5. nealfor

    what species/hybrids are YOU planning on making this season?

    I am hoping to make an S. Excellens... but, my S. Leuco flower is about to open and the S. Minor still has a few weeks. What can I do to prevent the S. Leuco flower from self-pollinating? edit: looks like this would work...
  6. nealfor

    Flower watch 2010

    So far just these two: S. Minor S. Leuco ... hoping to get an S. x excellens out of these two
  7. nealfor

    McPherson coming to ABG, maybe... it's up to us

    I am trying to get logged in to reply. I would definitely be down to go to this since I live in the Atlanta area. I was at ABG a few years back with Peter D'Amato was there.
  8. nealfor

    S. Minor Seeds for SASE

    No worries, I understand completely... ship when you can.
  9. nealfor

    S. Minor Seeds for SASE

    Still waiting on Clue and stormbringer's SASE... I offered swampdonkey the SASE via PM before posting this thread because he had posted an interest specifically in S. Minor seeds... for those of you following along with this thread and wondering how he got in on the trade ;) Glad you guys got...
  10. nealfor

    S. Minor Seeds for SASE

    Doh! Sorry, i can't send internationally... the last pack goes to FReNcH3z. Enjoy guys.
  11. nealfor

    S. Minor Seeds for SASE

    This is my first batch of seeds from a Sarracenia so I figured I would give them out! I only had one flower so the yield was low, as a result I only have 3 packs for SASE (10 seeds each). I am 95% sure these are S. Minor self polinated, because I didn't have any other Sarrs with flowers when...
  12. nealfor

    D. intermedia seeds for SASE

    I would love to try some of these: 1. nealfor 2. 3. 4. 5.
  13. nealfor

    Largest VFT trap contest!

    I'm winning!!! Just over 1 inch on this beast! Same trap... 2 angles:
  14. nealfor

    Nep Seeds For Trade

    1.Zero 2.Crissytal 3.TheZ_Yo 4. ellisonk001 5. CP Blake 6. mmlr38 7. insomnist 8. nealfor
  15. nealfor

    OMG He's alive! I need some help with remembering my plantsitters

    Woohoo congrats on the greenhouse position. I was driving past Berry on Sunday. Are the greenhouses open to the public?
  16. nealfor

    Official "Help Wolfn Pick Out a Car to Buy" thread

    I have a 2000 VW Jetta GLX and I have been very happy with it; I only paid $5K. That said, I know you were looking for more of a hatch, so maybe you could look into a Golf if you like the body styles of a VW.
  17. nealfor

    Free Sarracenia oreophila seeds

    1. Yep 2. 28 3. 3 4. 3 (my first carnivorous plant was a Sarr) 5. 5 (plus a lot of random unidentifiable at the moment seedlings) 6. I live in GA so it is generally fairly ideal for Sarrs 7. Yep 8. Probably Pyro, PaK, Ozzy 9. I don't really follow football; so, The Falcons since I am from ATL...
  18. nealfor

    My wife and I live right behind the Target in some townhouses (Timber Ridge, if you're familiar).

    My wife and I live right behind the Target in some townhouses (Timber Ridge, if you're familiar).
  19. nealfor

    Variations of flava leaves

    Heya bpullin, how have you been? I moved to cartersville about a year and a half ago and haven't seen you post in quite a while... how are you plants doing this season?
  20. nealfor

    Man, these rednecks are taking over.

    Welcome! My grandmother lives in Manchester, sister lives in Nashville, and parents live in the Chattanooga area... I'm sure i drive near you every now and again ;)