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  1. NeciFiX

    Need Construction Ideas

    Hey, I doubt any of you remember me. I was Flytrapshop's very first repeat customer :p been awhile since I signed in. I was in a traumatic car accident years ago and lost my entire plant collection I was bringing to a show. Covered in radiator fluid, I was just sobbing at the thousands of...
  2. NeciFiX

    I <3 usps

    Really? I've had some really awful experiences with USPS. I generally tend to like UPS more. Huh, I guess I'm in the minority here...
  3. NeciFiX

    The National Debt: A Cheery Subject . . .

    The new deal is okay, but, not generating any revenue is a big problem. Cutting and not generating any revenue is going to hurt us in the long run. I wish Obama would just stop with this compromise crap and do what he thinks needs to be done. I'm not saying that because I like Obama's viewpoint...
  4. NeciFiX

    Can VFTs eat fish food?

    I can attest to this, while my pitchers are almost constantly full and they do better than the Flytraps, my Flytraps do rather well. But, their main meals seem to consist of spiders and a couple of ants, I've only seen the rare wasp or actual fly caught in the trap every once in awhile. More...
  5. NeciFiX

    d.capensis humidity issues?

    Humidity is good, but, not necessary, for pretty much any CP with the exception of several Nepenthes/Heliamphora species. I grew a Cephalotus from a baby to flowering/maturity [flowered twice] with over 2 inch pitchers in a Wisconsin windowsill with down to 20% humidity at times. It thrived. For...
  6. NeciFiX

    Sundew victim

    How expensive was that camera! Damn! I want one just like it! And I was impressed at my little $200 Panasonic...
  7. NeciFiX

    Re-initiating the Operation

    I'm actually much closer to Minneapolis [60 miles from Minneapolis, compared to 300 some from Madison, lol] but thank you!
  8. NeciFiX

    New Cephalotus

    When I grew my Cephalotus from a youngling to a large, mature, adult. I used a small tray. I didn't use a very deep tray, but, I let the water that drained out sit in the tray until it evaporated, then get dry, and repeat.
  9. NeciFiX

    Heli and ceph.

    I grew my Cephalotus in a windowsill with humidity down to 15% during the winter and freezing temperatures. Over the years, I believe the main key to my success with the Cephalotus was a mild winter dormancy, or at least a decent temp drop at night. For soil, I used peat/perlite. I never have...
  10. NeciFiX

    Happy Birthday to: Necifix!

    Haha, thanks. Sorry, I've been busy lately. I was around Nov/Dec. I'm back again! Thanks Jimscott.
  11. NeciFiX

    Re-initiating the Operation

    Hello! About two months ago or so I returned to the wondrous Terraforums to report I would like to grow carnivorous plants again. After extensive research, I set it aside so I wouldn't become obsessed. Now, I'm retaking the mantle since I have money to fund my project. I bought a cool-mist...
  12. NeciFiX

    Looking for some Sarrs..mostly rare ones.

    S. 'Leah Wilkerson' S. 'Adrian Slack' (fat chance, i know) Good luck. I had a Leah Wilkerson once. I bought it in the Fall though, so, it didn't pitcher, and it died in my car accident. Waste of $80.
  13. NeciFiX

    T5 or T8

    I think I might just stick with T8's then. These lights are almost outrageously priced.
  14. NeciFiX

    T5 or T8

    Yes, but, they all are hundreds of dollars. Are there any other not so absurdly and disgustingly priced fixtures, or are they all insanely priced like this? It doesn't make much sense to me personally for the lights to be marginally decent but the fixture worth 4-5x more than the lights, lol.
  15. NeciFiX

    T5 or T8

    Interesting. Where would I find a fixture then?
  16. NeciFiX

    T5 or T8

    So, I've pretty much finalized my situation with my carnivorous plants [well, the grow rack and all that I will be setting up soon]. Except for the lighting. I was pretty much set on going with 4x T8 lights, since I thought T5's were extremely expensive. Until I saw this on eBay...
  17. NeciFiX

    A Few Helis

    I need to get off this forum. Topics like this are making me rabid to get my CP Setup ready, and I don't have any money for it right now! Ugh!
  18. NeciFiX

    And the Plants!

    Yeah, I heard that about adelae. Luckily, it's cheap and I meet the requirements, so, it might just do okay! That's exactly why I want glanduligera! It's like a Drosera trying to be a VFT.
  19. NeciFiX

    And the Plants!

    Thank you, those list of species shall prove useful. I've always wanted a regia, and might give one a try. Hopefully it doesn't get too gigantic! Haha. I may also start with aliciae, spatulata and capensis [of course] and adelae. They all would work in this setup [according to theory] but, they...