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  1. NeciFiX

    Need Construction Ideas

    Hey, I doubt any of you remember me. I was Flytrapshop's very first repeat customer :p been awhile since I signed in. I was in a traumatic car accident years ago and lost my entire plant collection I was bringing to a show. Covered in radiator fluid, I was just sobbing at the thousands of...
  2. NeciFiX

    Re-initiating the Operation

    Hello! About two months ago or so I returned to the wondrous Terraforums to report I would like to grow carnivorous plants again. After extensive research, I set it aside so I wouldn't become obsessed. Now, I'm retaking the mantle since I have money to fund my project. I bought a cool-mist...
  3. NeciFiX

    T5 or T8

    So, I've pretty much finalized my situation with my carnivorous plants [well, the grow rack and all that I will be setting up soon]. Except for the lighting. I was pretty much set on going with 4x T8 lights, since I thought T5's were extremely expensive. Until I saw this on eBay...
  4. NeciFiX

    And the Plants!

    http://terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=120193 Thanks to many of you, my obsessive perfectionism has been sated. I have finally been able to get an estimate as to how my grow-rack and situation will look like. However, I know Highland/Intermediate Nepenthes should do alright in this type...
  5. NeciFiX

    I gotta do it again

    I've been out of the CP business for far too long. Bear with the story, it's out of nostalgia! I have questions at the bottom for those who do not wish to read it. Thank you! :) Yeah, if you're an older member of this forum you'll recognize me. I was like 12 years old when I joined. When I...
  6. NeciFiX


    I live in Wisconsin, so, it's still pretty chilly up here. 34F today, never really below freezing [except for later tonight] but still dormancy temps, then, it'll hit almost 60F and rain a ton over the weekend, I'm not sure if I should wait until April before putting the plants outside, where...
  7. NeciFiX

    NeciFiX's New 2009 Growlist

    Yeah... My old grow list is well, extremely old, and I thought I'd just start anew for the New Year. Amidst my accident in 2007 and several other inconvienences, I've pretty much stopped growing CP's, since I cannot afford to grow these demanding plants [with a few exceptions] indefinitely...
  8. NeciFiX


    Yay! I have some seedlings, had some for awhile but one has now made a super mini pitcher. Woohoo! I got a cross between S. minor 'okefenokeensis giant' x '?' before the car accident, so, at least part of my old collection lives on through seed. I didn't get too high of a germination rate...
  9. NeciFiX


    Sarracenia minor 'okefenokeensis giant' seeds stratified: April 27th 2008 Sowed: May 27th 2008 I then today checked the seeds [they moved out of a very bright morning windowsill to a shaded window all day for about 3 days] and I had a lot of germination. They seemed a tad etiolated so I put them...
  10. NeciFiX

    Cute Cephalotus Flowers

    Indeed, at about 13-14" the flowers on my Cephalotus stalk are beginning to open. Here is the only decent shot out of 20 shots [lol] I got: The plant itself: Flowers: I can't wait to try pollinating!
  11. NeciFiX

    Car Crash Casualties

    I stumbled across some old pictures of all my plants pre-car accident. All were taken on a webcam in a dark bedroom so they're not very good but you can get the gist of my plants before they all were killed. Pre-Accident 8 Inch pot of Venus Flytraps - Dente, Jaws, Big Mouth, Fang, Cup Trap...
  12. NeciFiX

    I'm Getting Better With Pictures

    Hahahaha! I have figured out how to take non blurry pictures. TAKE THAT FORRRRRRRRRRRCE. Here's a few: Cephalotus a.l.a. 'German GIANT' RAWR. 10 inch stalk: Big Mouth:
  13. NeciFiX

    You CAN Touch Your Tongue To Your Nose!

    At least, if you're my dog! Gahahaha! This is a brilliant picture! Now, after his awesome picture, he makes a retreat [he's scared of the flash.]
  14. NeciFiX

    Some Pings

    Nothing interesting. No flowers, though, the P. esseriana picture is really cute! P. laueana I got from Adnedarn a few months ago with a couple of small ants on it: Cute P. esseriana: P. moranensis var. caudata: Nothin' but perlite this plant is snacking on! Still awaiting a flower...
  15. NeciFiX

    A few closeups

    Hmm, maybe I'm making too many topics on my Cephalotus, lol, I've made 2. Here's the third! Huzzah. More pictures. I'm addicted to taking photos now thanks to my camera. I fiddled with the settings, changed the texture of the photos to fine and set it to macro so I could get some half-decent...
  16. NeciFiX

    Big and Little Boy

    Haha, I found this picture I took with my baby Cephalotus cutting I got from Andrew in the forefront, and my big Cephalotus in the back, with P. moranensis var. caudata in the lower right.
  17. NeciFiX

    Cephalotus Pictures

    I took some pictures with my new [it's pretty old but I just got it so shut up lol] digital camera! Yay! No close ups really, but, whatever. Don't really like this one [lol]: And another [an overview, the older pitchers are at the front, you can see the flower stalk, I like the pic because...
  18. NeciFiX

    Cephalotus Dormancy

    This is just a general little poll. :) What are your thoughts on giving Cephalotus a small dormancy like it experiences in the wild? In the wild, it apparently goes through light frosts and a chilly winter, where it stops growth or slows down. In Wisconsin, in the windowsill I grow it in, lows...
  19. NeciFiX

    Nepenthes Disaster

    Ahh crap. I'm really sad. My beautiful little N. ventricosa 'red' just had a terrible accident. On occasion, a few morons manage to knock over some CPs on my windowsill or the wind does it, and, I stand them back up. Now was no different. I reached over to lift my P. moranensis var. caudata...
  20. NeciFiX

    Carnivorous Plant Speeches

    Has anyone here ever done mini speeches or talks or speeches on CPs? I did once last year for a project, I believe I did it on the ICPS, the conservation part about the ICPS, since the theme was for animal rights/protection and habitat destruction (and we all know CPs are suffering huge amounts...