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  1. nightsky

    Beware..another homeowner raided

    http://news.yahoo.com/kansas-couple-indoor-gardening-prompted-pot-raid-182449463.html It seems that simply buying certain hydroponic supplies makes you suspect. I hope people are fired over this and that the couple is given the compensation they rightly deserve. This stuff is infuriating...
  2. nightsky

    Air Panos of Angel Falls and area - amazing

    Wow :0o: just stunning! http://www.airpano.com/360Degree-VirtualTour.php?3D=Angel-Waterfall-Venezuela and http://www.airpano.com/360Degree-VirtualTour.php?3D=Angel
  3. nightsky

    Local news/police telling people to look for signs of 'grow operations'

    This last week in a city not too far from here, 6 cops were shot, and one killed, while conducting a surprise raid on a home suspected of having marijuana grow room. There has been a ton of outrage, of course. Now, the police are going on the local news telling people to watch neighbors for...
  4. nightsky

    Reason #1001 to avoid paypal

    So I quit using paypal altogether as they've screwed with me a few times (holding money randomly before releasing it, dipping into my linked bank account with no reason given other than "oops, our bad!", returning money to a buyer from myself after he claimed he never received the item despite...
  5. nightsky

    My sarrs look like crap this year

    And I don't know why. Last year they got a late start, but ended the season looking fantastic. This year they have just struggled the entire time, and I'm not seeing any signs of the better late season pitchers I was hoping for. I haven't changed anything, they are growing in the same spot...
  6. nightsky

    nightsky's neps

    I decided to finally do as others and make a dedicated thread for my neps. It's a great idea, so why not. Sorry 'bout the harsh lighting in some, it's hard to adjust for the lights depending on the angle taken from. Some worth photographing atm: EP's "Red Leopard" sanguinea (I suspect is...
  7. nightsky

    Pings feasting

    Hey guys, I'm not sure, but I think I might have a fungus gnat problem :-)) Luckily for me they are considered a delicacy by pings. Pinguicula 'Sethos' Pinguicula 'Pirouette' Pinguicula agnata red leaf
  8. nightsky

    Am I the only one whose system chugs on this forum?

    For some reason, only on this forum, both my desktop and laptop turn into slideshows. Both are running xp also. This happens on the front page and in individual threads, whether there are pictures or just text with no pictures. I use firefox. But I get this on no other website I go to. I...
  9. nightsky

    Cephalotus back from the dead

    6 months ago I transplanted my cephalotus(es?) into bigger pots as their pots weren't deep enough (4") and their roots were starting to come out the bottom. Well one of them didn't take kindly to the transplant and appeared to be dead within a couple weeks. The others did fine, one in fact had...
  10. nightsky

    So what am I accidentally growing?

    Whatever it is, it grows extremely fast. 3 hours ago, there was no trace of this at all. Now..., well the pics show what I found. It's only growing in this one pot, and the media isn't bad, only about 3 months old ( bark mulch/perlite). I'm hoping it isn't harmful. I'm assuming it's just a...
  11. nightsky

    So my spectabilis thinks it's dying..

    ..or it really is in fact dying, time will tell. It was doing great, and has been for a couple years. Then it made a pitcher that was 1/4 the size of the previous. Then it threw out a couple very tiny leaves, about 1/4 the size of the previous leaves, all of which didn't pitcher. Now, it has...
  12. nightsky

    close encounter with a wildfire (pics)

    I live on the bench of mountain range, the other side of which had a military training range, which is about 5 miles or so away. They do helicopter, artillery, and gunnery training among other things. So yesterday started out with good weather, and apparently they were training on the machine...
  13. nightsky


    I decided to give Streps a try several months ago and picked up a few varieties, and one of my youngins is putting out its first flowers. The colors are so darn vibrant! The camera couldn't quite capture them right, but good enough. I think these are going to be a staple in my collection...
  14. nightsky

    Ping Köhres

    Put out its first flower of the season. Grown in a south facing windowsill.
  15. nightsky

    truncata x ephippiata

    So far, I'm not seeing much if any ephippiata in it. Looks like a normal truncata to me. I'm hoping as it matures it will maybe, just maybe, turn out to be not too inferior to the lowii x truncata hybrid. Pitcher is about 6" or so. First pitcher just opened. Second one is about a month old.
  16. nightsky

    What's ailing my vft?

    'Big Mouth' grown outside. It had several healthy traps, but recently this brown/black whatever it is has taken over the plant, and rapidly at that. I've cut off several traps and leaves, and yet it spreads. Just a couple weeks ago this was a very healthy plant. 1 part sand, 1 part peat...
  17. nightsky

    Late season this year for the sarrs

    Still no signs of growth from my outdoor sarrs. Not a one! No new growth at all, no flower buds, nothing. I checked the rhizome on one, and sure enough it's alive. My outdoor vfts are still asleep also. We had a couple weeks of warm weather into the 70's, I thought that would do it. Guess...
  18. nightsky

    Growing Pygmys outside

    Did a search, and didn't find anything. I grow my pygmies inside under lights. They do fantastic, but do not get a dormancy, nor produce gemmae. I'm wondering about putting them outside. Our summers are hot, and dry. Usually 90-100F, with very low humidity. It's a desert climate. So I...
  19. nightsky

    Bunch of (mostly) nep pics.

    Up really late tonight and decided to snap a few pics after I watered 'em. Took some with flash and without. thorelii x (spectabilis x northiana), with a little basal pitcher: talangensis x veitchii, just opened today. This pitcher is half the size of the last. Hmm.. inermis x...
  20. nightsky

    muluensis x lowii , spectabilis, izumiae x tm

    Couple pics of what seems to be an under appreciated nep, mul x lowii. After taking nearly a year to settle in, this is turning into one of my more vigorous neps. Older pitcher: Newer pitcher: Both: Newer with izum x tm: And, latest spec pitcher: Thanks for looking!