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    Cephalotus consolidated

    Funny you should mention this as I have first hand experience of what their natural habitat is like- I used to live in it. And I used to dig up the soil to see what it was like for myself because I was interested also in what it was made up of. I used to live in Bunbury over 15 years ago now. We...
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    Sony Aibo

    If you have any questions here is the link to a forum about them. http://aiboaddicts.yuku.com/
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    Sony Aibo

    Has anyone here heard of the Sony Entertainment Robot the Sony Aibo? Most people don't even know it exists. I've only just found out about them relatively recently. I remembered you all and thought I would tell you about it. I used to be on here in 2001 under a different name but came back...
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    What is this black thing? its on flower

    In the end i couldn't care less, i doubt i'll get much beyond 20 posts on here as i've had a gutfull of cp forums and the moronic happenings within them :rolleyes:
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    creepy worm

    Why use chemicals lol if you plants got worms wouldn't the easiest way of getting rid of them to be changing the soil mix lol why make growing vft more difficult than it already needs to be i'm so tired of people giving advice thats totally overreating to the situaion!:nono:
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    What is this black thing? its on flower

    Sometimes waterdroplets on your plants can fry in the sun and cause burnt spots....perhaps this is the reason for those spots? As for why the plant was named using a referance to the Ancient Roman deity Venus, it has nothing to do with Venus whatsoever more a social comment by botanists with...
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    Will this do for now?

    You guys in the US are lucky in the respect that you can easily purchase a typical vft exhibiting natural characteristics wheras here in Aus i find all the vfts sold are cultivars with similar backgrounds featuring plants of an inbred nature. None of the plants sold here in stores have upright...
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    Sites regarding vft planting with photographs

    Nice sites i found regarding on how to plant vft bulbs that also have photographs to help demonstrate more clearly this process-lol thought it may help newbies like me plant them as the little things spring back up at you and can be irritating to plant! :crazy: Enjoy...
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    Claytons Red Sunset, Anyone Have One?

    Yeah...sorry totally forgot :sleep: Doesn't anyone on here know how to use google image search? :poke: Found some photographs of this particular cultivar although please note the site has a shop that is not active yet, if i am breaking any rules by posting it please let me know and i will...
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    Leaf pulling accident.

    Managed to track down those articles on propagation from flower stems on cpukforum-enjoy :rookwoot: http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=26328 http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=27604 What i was trying to explain is that the vft according to that article i...
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    Leaf pulling accident.

    You know you can propagate vfts by using their flower stems....saves you from damaging your plant and uses something that otherwise would just be discarded. Plus you get quite a few plants from this method,especially when lying the flower stem horizontally on the medium. Good thing vfts...
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    My trap!

    lol your plant looks so vulnerable on that ledge with nothing to stop it blowing over....i've had a few vfts tip over from strong breezes even in quite large pots lol probably because peat is so light lol i just fasten them down with a bit of blu tack.
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    The cup it came in..

    Personally i wouldn't rush out and repot it until you are sure you know your purchasing the right peat. If you want to keep it in the small pot it came in then i would advise the use of shadecloth as placing your plant in direct sunlight in such a small container will lead to it drying out very...
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    The only advice i can give about getting the correct media is to purchase it along with your plants from the carnivorous plant grower your buying from. I do this and it takes away all the problems of trying to find the right stuff in shops as most of the stuff found in shops is problematic as...
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    Claytons Red Sunset, Anyone Have One?

    Look through ----- page and you should find a photograph of the cultivar:-(
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    Helpful Venus Flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) Cultivation Advice for Beginners

    I always used to see dormancy as a negative, but now i see it as a great part of the plant because, even though this sounds stupid, causes more of a "bond" between you and the plant if you know what i mean, as you have to give it extra care to ensure it survives.And plus it's nice how they...
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    Cephs to acclimatise for sale in July

    Beautiful photos Cindy thanks for posting them-lol it's funny i live in Australia and used to live in SW WA when i was younger in Bunbury which is between Albany and Perth and in the Cephalotus's range but i didn't even know CP's yet alone Cephs existed back then. But it's funny all you people...
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    Temperatures required for natural vft dormancy

    It's really awesome to hear from someone with similar temps as mine! So do you notice your plants go dormant naturally and are ok in your climate over in california? If so mayb next year i'll keep them outside and see what happens here's a temp chart of my place in australia to give you an...