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    VFT rotting or infection?

    Hey everyone, I had a quick question to ask.  Every year during the end of dormacy or in the spring a few perfectly healthy vft's out of my collection randomly gets mushy and turn a yellowish color on the outside of the bulb and slowly infects the entire plant.  Its a 50/50 chance that the plant...
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    VFT's available for trade

    Hey everyone, here are my spare divisions for this season, I need to ship these out ASAP, so just give me a PM or Email if you are interested. 30-40- Mixed typicals 3- Burbanks Best 2- Green Dragon 1- Big Jaws x Dente 1- Giant Rosette AKA Red Purple 1- Giant from Best Cps 2- Mixed Giants...
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    Some Dormacy Pics

    Hey everyone, I haven't posted in a while but to let everyone know, I still check the forums every so often. Well, I finally got a digital camera. I'm still getting the hang of using it, so the pics aren't the best... but here they are after being frozen for the past few weeks (looking ugly as...
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    Soil ph

    Recently I have decided to take the Ph of the soils out of curiosity. To my amazment most of my vft's soil had a ph of around 6-6.8 which is pretty neutral. I've heard that they'll do best in soil that is around 4.5-5.5, so does it really matter? My plants seem perfectly happy with their soil...
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    Whats your biggest trap so far?

    Hey, whats your biggest trap so far this season? Mines 1.75" from my creeping death that is not fully developed yet! All my others have just started to grow bigger traps. Most of my vfts have at least 1" traps, but most have 1.25" traps. My Petes Giant again has made traps in the 1.5" range but...
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    Venus flytrap seeds

    Hey, well I'm getting ready to harvest most of my VFT seeds and I am running out of space to plant all of them. They are mainly all typicals but were pollinated with what ever else was available (Dente's, Red Dragons, ect...). I'm offering three packets of seeds for a SASE, I would offer more...
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    D. paradoxa

    How do you tell if a paradoxa is dornmant? Mine hasn't grown for a while, all the leaves seems packed together and green compared to the other leaves that were red. If it is dormant is there any special care needed?
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    Growing list gone

    Has anyone noticed that some of the growing lists have disappeared including mine? Is it a glitch or something?
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    Cool vft's flowering!

    I was wondering if these following vfts pass on their characteristics- D. Cup Trap D. Fused Tooth D. Long Red Finger D. Sawtooth D. Crested The reason I ask is because some of them are t/c mutations, so does that mean that the next generation will have the same characteristics or will they be...
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    Looking for the following dionaea's

    Hey, I'm looking for the following dionaea's for my collection- Dionaea- Clumping Cultivar Wacky Trap (A long shot...) Dingly Giant Southwest Giant aka Slacks Giant G16 G14 Red Rosette Red Burgendy Blood Red All Red Charles 'Big red'  (one of my top plants I need to get this summer) -And any...
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    Peter's growlist

    Dioneae D. Typicals D. All Green (Adler) D. Arching Flat Skinny Leaves (Phaulisi) D. B1 (Adler) D. B52 (Harris, originated from Henning) D. Big Mouth (Cook) D. Big Jaws F2 (Phaulisi) D. Big Jaws x Dente (Ziemer) D. Bob Ziemer's Typical 1955 (Ziemer) D. Burbanks Best (Paroubek) D. Carolina Red...
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    How much light do vft's need?

    I have never had good sucess with growing VFT's indoor at all. Most of them start getting weaker and weaker... How much flourecent light do they need? So far I have them about 4 inches away from a daylight compact flourcent lightbulb and is only growing ok, kind of weak compared to the growth my...
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    Shorten'ed growing season

    For longer time growers living in colder regions, does a month of shortened growing season bother the plants at all long term after awhile? Just wondering because I was reading the Savage Garden and D'amato mentions that the plants will grow fine but won't produce as many offshoots.
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    Just a couple picks of my dormant vfts

    Here is a top producing vft in my collection (Pete's Giant) during very harsh dormant conditions. Now I mean constant temps in the teens for days, up to fourty in the garage the next unfreezing all the plants, then boom another hard freeze and this goes on and on and has happened at least four...
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    Tips on repotting?

    Do any of the long time growers have tips on how to make repotting faster? Over the past couple years I've pretty much mastered repotting but find that it takes HOURS just to repot a tray of 30 plants. And that is only around half the collection. So is there any shortcuts or special techniques?
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    Sign this pettition

    Help save this important area! We need alot of people to sign up! Sign up here   Petition
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    How cold can the vft's take?

    Like the question asks, they are all currently in garage which have gotten major frosts where the whole pot freezes. The first time, I forgot to put some pots back in their growing tanks and they got frost bite from the drying air. They're still Ok though. I'm guessing the temps get to about 20...
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    D. regia

    Any special tips on growing this plant? I've had my little plant for a month now, it's pretty healthy but not up to my standards as with the rest of my sundews... It's growing well, but I just want it to look like the pics on the net. Any special care? Like what type of medium, temps, lighting...
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    Getting rid of my highland neps!

    I am looking to trade someone all my highland neps since I'm more interested in lowlands and sundews. I'm looking for all types of sundews/sarracenia's/dionaea/ and anything else that might interest me. So give me a pm if you have something to offer. Here is my list- N. Lowii, a very nice plant...
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    My ericksonae x puchella is dropping dead...

    Hi, out of all my pygmys what I thought was the toughtest sundew is dropping dead in the middle of gemmae production... out of 20 of them or so about five have died and some more are following their path. All the others are fine though... including some of the harder to grow ones. The soil is...