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    VFTs pulling out of dormancy, already?

    this seems very early to me, but i checked my VFTs today and two of them have flower stalks growing out. what should i do? is it too early?
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    Ant problem in house are sarracenias the answer?

    Right now my house has come under infestation of ants what i need to now is will my sac be able to survive if i put him in a peble tray on a counter with household humidity? i live in MI so it gets pretty humid but am i safe taking it out of the confort of its bog? please let me know aswell if...
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    How much Humidity do i need in order to keep a genral Cp terrarium my Bog 30gal long has H of around 70% and my 10 gal potted terrarium has around 60%. what are some tips to keep humidity in?
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    Peat with sand or perlite?

    which kind of peat mixture is better for Cps? peat and perlite or peat with sand? please include preportions
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    The diff between highland and lowland neps

    What are some of the mayjoy differences between higland and lowland Neps.? how much different are the environments?
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    To feed or not to feed

    My greem dragon has just pulled out of dormancy and the new traps are starting to open. Should i feed them today? or should i wait a week or a month? it started to pull out of dormancy about a month ago
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    Peat tea

    I have heard of making peat tea in order to increse the acididy of the soil in my terrarium, my question is how do I make peat tea?
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    Looking to repot in the near future

    In the near future I will be looking to repot my Npenthes into a larger pot and a larger place to hang it the web link to see my current set up is www.pushforcheese.com/Nep.jpg justs cut and paste, I need a suggestion on what/where and when to repot this plant. The pitcher that the picture is...
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    What type of nepenthes is this?

    Hey guys, I have had this plant for about 9 months, and I was wondering you you guys could help me I.D. it here is the link Nepenthes picture in addition, could you inform me on how to pronounce Nepenthes?
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    Does this look dente to you?

    I recently orderd this plant and i was wondering if it was really a Dente is it???
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    sunlamp through glass

    i have recently bought a glass cover for my CP terarium and i was wonderingif it matters wheather or not i put my grow light outside of the glass. plz help Alex
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    i need a professional plant grower

    Greetings, I need a profesional plant grower, or a very experenced plant grower. the reason i need is that i need to interview someone for an english project on carnivorous plants. for the interview i will ask some basic questions abot carnivorous plants and the growing thereof. some of the...
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    Vegetarian VFTs?

    Lately i have heard talk of people feeding their different CPs leaves because they contain the same nitrates needed. Are these people smoking something they shouldn't be? or is it true