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    P. x "Sethos" - Healthy?

    Looks just fine for this time of year. I suggest you add some perlite to your soil mix, too.
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    Should I repot?

    Yeah, leave it alone. Pings have very shallow roots and what you're seeing is entirely normal. This time of year they go dormant and the big summer leaves will go brown and disappear into the soil.
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    Schizzy Salad

    It's in my basement so I'd say minimum of 60F at night in the winter, maybe 80F max when all the lights are on during the day. It's at the end of a shelf which has 4 x T8 fluorescents over it. Not right under the bulbs, off to one side by about 6".
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    Schizzy Salad

    I find that the take-out containers from Swiss Chalet (a Canadian chicken restaurant) make ideal mini terrariums for Drosera schizandra. I just put in some LFS and a bit of live moss and a few schizandra divisions, add enough water so there's a few mm in the bottom of the container, put the lid...
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    Pinguicula Pullings

    I'll chime in and also say that I've also found that if you get multiple plants on one pulling they don't do as well when you pull them off and plant them out. Even with single plants on one pulling, they seem to do much better if you leave them attached to the leaf when you plant them. And the...
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    Looks like it's going dormant. I'd get the LFS out from under it before it does. Most dormant pings like it a bit drier and it might act like a sponge. The dormant leaves are also great for leaf pullings.
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    How big does Pinguicula moranensis 'D' get?

    The naming in Savage Garden was just something the author did to keep track of the different varieties he grew. I don't think there's anything formal to it. Best you can do with most moranensis is make sure you get the location data, but that is often impossible to find. I have a half dozen...
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    New work on Butterworts

    I got my CD a couple of weeks ago. It's a great book.
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    dormancy time?

    I follow the same routine as dvg and keep all but the bulb species in trays. They're shallow trays, though, only about 3/4" deep and I let them dry before refilling them. I put the dormant plants into their own tray and give them less water, but never keep them completely dry. I tried that with...
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    P. laueana

    I don't know what it is with pings, but sometimes you get a plant that just won't do anything for you. I have ehlersiae and esseriana that have just struggled along at about 5mm diameter for 2 or 3 years. I had some cyclosecta that did the same for 2 years then suddenly this summer they shot up...
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    Egads they're tiny!

    Those are HUGE!!!!
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    Why Are There No SASEs For Pygmy Sundew Gemmae?

    I have roseana, palacea palacea and palacea cranbrook. But I'm in Canada so I'm not sure I can mail them across the border.
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    Ping flowers

    I've had mine for 2-1/2 years and it's never gone dormant on me. Always has the large non-succulent leaves.
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    Ping flowers

    Here's a few photos of the P. laueana flower. It's a little past its best and is fading on the bottom. I honestly did not realize that flowers from laueana were difficult This plant has flowered every few months ever since I got it from Hawaiian Botanicals in BC. They sell nice, healthy plants.
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    A Way to prevent divsion?

    I think division is inevitable with healthy plants. The only cure is to divide them and wait a few months for the divisions to take shape. I usually keep one or two divisions as back-up and trade the rest.
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    Ping flowers

    When I reduce the photoperiod for my pings in the autumn I always get a flurry of flowers. Perhaps the plants are trying to sow seed before the long, dry winter? I have P. laueana, 'Weser', 'Aphrodite', agnata, moranensis 'A', moranensis 'Caudata', 'Pirouette, Sumidero 1 and 'Sethos' in flower...
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    Drosera coccicaulis vs. venusta

    Just locations, I believe. See these threads: http://www.terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=82254&page=4%29 http://ocps.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=sundews&action=display&thread=1856 When I first started with CP's I had venusta and coccicaulis and I could swear I could see differences...
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    Cyclosecta problems. Dieing or Dormancy?

    They don't look good and don't look like they're going dormant. I'd grab a half dozen of the freshest leaves and start some pullings. How old are they? I find some plants just die a natural death after a few years under the lights.
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    Gemmae Season Is Right Around The Corner

    I've got a few species with lots of gemmae: oreopodion, palacea "Cranbrook", palacea palacea and roseana. I started the scorpiodes fresh about 6 months ago and they don't have any yet.
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    Seed viability

    Just touching most drosera stalks when ready will scatter the seeds. I remove them veeeery carefully then shake them in an envelope to release the seeds. I don't remove the stalks until the seed heads are brown and crunchy.