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  1. J

    U.Sandersonii Not Growing (Horrible Pic Quality)

    U.Sandersonii Not Growing Good Pic Quality First, I am very sorry for the crappy pic, my camera wouldn't focus on them for some reason, I'll try and get a better one. Now the U.Sandersonii. I have 3 of them and non are growing. That says to me that I'm doing something wrong right? Here they are...
  2. J

    Weird Grass Growing From Moss??

    Well, here is my D.Anglica. This is it less than a month ago, you can see it in the back there behind the Ablino. This is it now So, 2 questions. 1. What is that grass stuff? 2. Why is the Drosera not doing very well? I put it out in full sun when I can and its native to the UK so common...
  3. J

    Huh? Whah? Double Trap?

    I was just combimg through my plants, looking in detail at my beauties when I noticed this dicey trap Huh? Whah? Wow. A double trap. They are different sizes, at first I thought one trap is in another. Looking at a different angle, shows me they are fused:0o: Also, what are the strings...
  4. J

    I Can't Believe I'm About To Ask This But..... Can I Get An ID On This?

    I know there are all these cultivars now, well what is this? A Close up Thanks
  5. J

    Do You Use Myspace?

    Do you use myspace and post pics of your plant on there?
  6. J

    Neps just arrived.....

    Ok, so my new nepenthes arrived today, the N.gentle, but it has a stick in it and compared to my other neps its massive. Its tied to the stick and is a good foot and half maybe 2 foot tall. Everything is huge, compared to my other neps The other one is a N.tobacia which is tiny, probably young...
  7. J

    Do you grow Cacti? If Yes, I think You'll Like This...(A Few Pics)

    Ok, So I have talked to a few people on the chatbox and some have cacti, so just to pour salt and viniger in the wound, here are my flowering cacti :-D Some eye candy :-O These besties are 2" and 1/2 across maneatingmoo, those are my beauties :-D
  8. J

    What VFT has the biggest traps?

    ??? Question is in the title folks. Which VFT cultivar/species/genus/sub type/variety has the biggest traps? I know a B52 is pretty big, is there anything bigger?
  9. J

    Shoots In My SM?

    I was inspecting the damage on the moss by the birds, and have noticed 2 shoots in my moss. ??? How did this happen? What germinates and grows in sphagnum moss??
  10. J


    AAAARRRGG!!! Bloody birds Stealing my spahgnum moss!!! Took a whole tray of red moss, now I only have a few string of red moss left. Dang birds took another half a tray when I left, I came back to find it missing. I had 2 and a half trays, now I only 1 tray 1 tray! How do I keep the birds from...
  11. J

    Looking For A Few Things.....EU Only

    I Am Looking for. N.Hamata, a mature plant N.Black Dragon A B52 VFT. I have For Trade 1 Large Red Dragon VFT Butterwort Weser, possibly the garden centre clone, it may have sprouted from a leaf cutting. Unfortunately I cabt offer money, but thats all I can bear to trade.
  12. J


    Can you tell what it is yet? It goes a burgandy colour in the sun.
  13. J

    JayJay's List

    Ok, here is my tiny list 2 Large VFT Red Dragons 1 Small VFT Red Dragon 2 Large VFT Typical 1 Tiny VFT, It Split From The One Above, So I guess that makes it a Typical 1 VFT B52 1 VFT Dente 1 D.Capensis, Broad Leaf 1 D.Capensis Anglica (UK Native) 1 D.Albino Large 4 Or 5 Pinguicula Weser (GC...
  14. J

    Sundews, simple questions

    I have 3 sundews, 1 is doing great, the capensis is doing fantasitc. The Agenlca the native isnt doing so well, its not as bushy and the leavs are still dry, more so than the other 2, Why? The Albino has some hairy stem coming out of it. Imagine a new leaf before it opens, take away all the...
  15. J

    Some Sundew Queries

    A warning in advance, there will probably be spelling mistakes. So, I got 3 sundews in the mail today, I got D.Capensis large D.Albino D.Angelica (I don't know how to spell it) The last one is native to Englad. What should I pot them in? they are in sphagnum moss at the moment. Out in the...
  16. J

    Sphagnum Moss

    I've looked at past threds and tried those ideas, but I cant get it looking good. Or even alive for that matter. I have some in a propagator here. Obviously humid in there. There is some red moss aswell, am I doing this right? I read that the less sunlight, the better looking the moss. Is this...
  17. J

    Against The Grain? A Flowering VFT

    Ok, Here is some eye candy The reason I say its against the grain is a few reasons. Its been indoors for 3 weeks, I got it from a garden centre when the stalk was about and inch and a half. Its been outside not very often, maybe twice. Its been inside, with filtered sunlight and as a result (I...
  18. J


    Ok I got 2 U.Sandersonii in the mail today, but I have failed with these twice. I had U.Sabulata but it never grew. So, how do I get these off to a flying start? Should I take off the flowers? I have no grow lights/humidifier or any expert equipment. All I have is 2 trays of spahgnum moss in a...
  19. J

    Starting A Mini Bog

    Ok, here is my situation. I have an allotment (Which is just a big plot of land), and I was thinking of making part of it a mini bog. I have pleanty of Sphagnium moss peat and some perlite, I have loads of dead sphagnum moss, I know it can come back to life given the right condidions. But what...
  20. J

    Nepenthes ID Needed

    Hi, I just wanted to know what Nepenthes I have in my room. I dont know whether there is several plants growing here or what Its supposed to be an alata, but looks nothing like the tab