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    Just got a Sarracenia, but I don't know how to give it a winter dormancy.

    Hi all. I went to a terrarium event and got three new plants (which I now have to transplant again since she didn't give me the correct information and I'm too new at this to have known) and one of them was a Sarracenia. I asked her for the species name and she said it was Sarracenia Judith...
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    Three new plants

    Hi guys! I just went to a terrarium event and got three new plants, but she wasn't able to give me the species name for any of them so I can't look up specific care instructions. Any help would be appreciated! I have a Nepenthes, a Sundew and an unknown pitcher plant (she called it a sweet...
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    How much airflow do I need for a lowland hybrid setup?

    I'm designing a custom setup for my Lady Luck nepenthes and I've got most of it figured out (light, heat, humidity) but I'm not sure how much ventilation I need to build in. It's going to be a fully automated setup with ventilation on the side controlled by a computer. I don't know if I need to...
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    Help identifying this nepenthese?

    I'm pretty new at this and this is my first plant. I want to make a real setup for it and get it to pitcher again (it's growing now but not pitchering) but I don't know if it's a highland or a lowland plant and I'm hoping to figure that out before I buy all the stuff. The temperatures here are...