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    Any ideas about thermostats?

    I have a heat lamp that I'm setting up with a terrarium to keep some plants warm enough to be in the terrarium rather than in a different room. The only problem is that on a warmer day the sun comes in and warms it up by itself, so when I was testing the light today it was 87 degrees at four...
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    Dendrobium repotting and root rot?

    I was repotting Den. nobile gold star and a few others today because they were in a really bad media and I saw some black roots. Should I cut these off to stop it from spreading or will it make it open to infection? http://i.imgur.com/VAzez0p.jpg
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    Flat Drosophyllum.

    A while ago a briefly mentioned that one of my dewy pines came up with one leaf and then never got around to getting a picture of it. It has more than one leaf now, but it's still oddly shaped. More like a menorah than like the brush shape my other two are. Have any of you grown similar ones...
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    Drosophyllum seedling with only one leaf.

    As more of my Drosophyllum lusitanicum seeds sprout, I noticed that one of them has only a single sticky leaf and figured some of you guys might want to hear about it. I'll keep tabs on it as it grows to see what it does differently.
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    N. sanguinae brown leaves.

    I've had an N sanguinae for a few years, and in the past week or so the leaves have been browning. Because I'm not at home I can't get a picture for you quite yet, but the leaves are splotchy and a picture should be coming at around five today. So far it is only on the sanguinae, though it's in...
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    Drosera adelae and Polyploidy.[Giant pictures]

    Today I began an experiment with D. adelae and what they do when they're polyploid. For those that don't know, polyploidy is when an organism has more than the usual number of chromosome sets, such as twice as many, four times, etc. For this experiment, adelae root cuttings were exposed to .1%...
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    Swimming Spanish moss.

    I just cleaned out my rainwater collection tanks because they were full of slimy stuff that the plants weren't liking, and I found a piece of what looks like Spanish Moss. It was bright green and about six inches long, was unrotted despite being submerged in a gross bacterial sludge. Because I...
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    Minimum dormancy length?

    New England has had a few hot days recently, but I didn't think much of it until today. I looked at the bog tray and saw a forked leaf sundew unfurling a pair of new leaves. One of my VFTs appears to be doing the same. I cracked open a window and the room rapidly dropped to a reasonable dormancy...
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    Soil requirements for Desmodium gyrans.

    I got several D. gyrans seeds for Christmas. What do I plant them in? Regular potting soil, peat, what?
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    Bigger Amorphophallus.

    I ended up with a small titanum but the air is kinda dry for now. Anyone know if light misting will work long enough to get a humidity tent set up? The light and heat issues are solved.
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    What is this guy?

    I saw this on the dried out leaf of my D filliformis today. I've heard horror stories of caterpillars that eat the bases of dormant plants, and so I put this in a box until I can assess what it is and what I should do with it. If it eats those annoying other plants in the bog, it goes back in...
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    Broad mites from hell.

    There are some broad mite issues in my grow room. While I don't think they've reached CPs or orchids yet, is there any sensitive plant safe pesticide that gets rid of them. I use azamax on the peppers, which is supposed to work if you spray it very frequently. Anything else you might recommend?
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    Dendrobium gift box and culture questions.

    I was given four Dendrobium orchids that with just labels as a gift/challenge to research and take care of them. From left to right we have a Fancy Angel Lycee, Kingianum, Crepiteferum/Glomeratum, and a Gold Star. As you can see, they're rather young and won't flower for a few years, but I...
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    Digging up orchid bulbs?

    My grass pink and egret orchids just died back to bulb form. Because they will be inside for the winter, should I dig them up and put them in my refridgerator to keep them cool and rot free, or should I just leave them in the bog garden along with the sarracenia and other things? It seems to get...
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    Sphagnum moss grows too tall.

    All the sphagnum in my bog keeps trying to eat my venus flytraps and sundews. The Sarrs and orchids are too tall for it, but everything else seems to be fair game. There's also a lot of bladderworts that got there somehow, and I'm really worried about them because they're really short as far as...
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    Can someone help me identify these?

    And this one is Brassovola nodosa, right?
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    Would this work for indoor humidity tents?

    Would building a large frame and wrapping it in PVC tablecloth be a good idea? I was thinking 10' high, and 5x5 wide with fans inside to keep air circulating. If any of you know any prebuilt ones, that would work also.
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    Aerangis biloba culture?

    I've done some reading about these guys, and they seem to like temps between 60-65 at night and 75-85 during the day, with high humidity, indirect light, decent airflow, and are best grown mounted, but well drained media like live sphagnum works too, right? Assuming the rest of this is correct...
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    Pitchers curved on a dividing Sarracenia?

    Same one that has the caterpillar issue, starting a few weeks ago it divided into maybe four or five plants. All the pitchers it produces are small, and the ones that look like they would grow to full size are bent sort of like candy canes. This is a picture of it a week and a half ago, in the...
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    Filiformis blooming twice in a year?

    I have a medium sized thread leaf sundew that flowered in June, producing these: Yesterday I noticed what looked like another flower stalk coming up. Is this normal, or is mine doing something odd?