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  1. Wire Man

    Looking for Mexican Pings

    Hi guys. Today was really rough. I lost what looks like my entire Pinguicula collection. VA got hit by an unexpected heatwave after a few weeks of cool temperatures and all of my Pings dried out and melted. To make it worse, the water jug ruptured and washed all of them out of their media...
  2. Wire Man

    Need Nepenthes pollen for N. rafflesiana var. elegans.

    This things just opened her first flowers today. Pollen is needed IMMEDIATELY! This is a female, seed grown Nepenthes rafflesiana var. elegans. It's gorgeous. I'm primarily looking for pollen of hamata, campanulata, burbidgeae, and clipeata. I'm open to other offers, though. Any smaller...
  3. Wire Man

    LF: Flytrap Cultivars

    I'm on the hunt for a few flytraps that I've never been able to find in stock anywhere. Here's what I'm looking for. -Maroon Monster -Clayton's Red Sunset -Purple Ambush -Dracula -Shogun Star -Fang -Red Piranha -Pink Venus -Bristle Tooth -Dutch PM me for trade offers.
  4. Wire Man

    Handful of Drosera intermedia (monkey_Cup $29)

    I have a large amount of D. intermedia up for auction. The winner will get a bag of 20-25 plants or so. Bidding begins at $5. Shipping will be $6.50
  5. Wire Man

    Protecting flower buds from the cold

    I just received some Sarracenia rhizomes from California, and all of them have flower buds emerging, some already forming the scapes. We're still getting nights below freezing over here, so I'm guessing it's not safe to put them outside without protection. What do you guys recommend I do to...
  6. Wire Man

    ID needed for Pleurothallis

    Mason just got this tiny Pleurothallis species with no label. Any idea what it is? Pleurothallis sp. by Wire Man, on Flickr Pleurothallis sp. by Wire Man, on Flickr Pleurothallis Sp. by Wire Man, on Flickr
  7. Wire Man

    WIre Man's Field Andventures

    I plan on doing a lot of field work in the next few years, so I decided to start a thread for the photos and such. Okay, these first few photos aren't in the field, but they were taken on a trip that involved field work. NC State Greenhouses Dendrobium by Wire Man, on Flickr Oncidium by Wire...
  8. Wire Man

    Germinating Drosera cistiflora Seeds

    I picked up a few seeds of D. cistiflora "Red Flower" last weekend. How exactly do I get these to germinate. I heard about heat stratification, but can't find any info on it.
  9. Wire Man

    Wire Man's Gratuitous Seed Giveaways!

    I'm not sending you just a few seed pod contents in these seeds packets. I'm sending the whole flower stalk! Well, not the stalk itself, but the seeds collected from it. Anyways, I'll update this post based on what I have in stock and ready to send out. Here's what I have; D. spatulata; 5...
  10. Wire Man

    Free OBT. Should I take it?

    So, one of my friends offered me a free OBT, enclosure included. This will be my first tarantula...... I know exactly what they're capable of doing and how they behave, and plan on never touching it if I do take it. Is this a good idea? I really like these spiders, but the venom sounds painful.
  11. Wire Man

    Drosera sp. "South Africa" and D. venusta SASE

    I have 2 packets of Drosera sp. "South Africa" seeds and 1 packet of D. venusta seeds up for grabs. First come first serve for these ones.
  12. Wire Man

    Tepui Tarantula

    I don't know about you guys, but I love finding out about plants and animals that live along side our beloved CPs. I find the whole ecosystem of tepuis to be particularly fascinating, since there are no large predators up there and nothing turns out to be normal. Well, I've been researching...
  13. Wire Man

    Drosera venusta seed SASE

    I have 1 packet of Drosera venusta seeds available. WHoever can guess the height of the inflorescence wins.
  14. Wire Man

    U. multifida Pollination

    My seed grown plants just opened the first two flowers yesterday. They're gorgeous, but unbelievably tiny!!! What's the best way of going about cross pollinating them? I was thinking of either using a toothpick with a lightly chewed tip (helps pollen adhesion) or setting them outside and...
  15. Wire Man

    S. purpurea from Reedy Creek Bog (Deathstalker - $50)

    Up for auction are 3 young Sarracenia purpurea legally collected from Reedy Creek Bog in Caroline County, VA. The site these plants came from was destroyed by a local power company spraying herbicide along a power line. 80-90% of the mature plants died as a result. However, many were dug up...
  16. Wire Man

    Richmond Orchid Show

    This was back in late February, but it's better late than never. All of the descriptions/names are located below the photos. Paph by Wire Man, on Flickr Paph by Wire Man, on Flickr Neost. Lou Sneary 'Bluebird' by Wire Man, on Flickr Tolumnia by Wire Man, on Flickr Cattleya by Wire Man, on...
  17. Wire Man

    Easy, Continually Flowering Orchids?

    I was wondering if there are any orchids that flower year round, are drought tolerant, and can thrive at room temperatures. The reason I'm asking is that my girlfriend loves orchids, but is getting frustrated at how long she has to wait for her Phal hybrid to re-bloom. I recently got her a...
  18. Wire Man

    Meadowview, Post Internship

    Instead of making several threads for every season, I'll be posting my photos from Meadowview here. I live close by and volunteer frequently, so this one thread will keep things nice and tidy. Anyways, we just finished up our volunteer week yesterday. We got a lot accomplished, as you will...
  19. Wire Man

    Aquarium plant giveaway

    I just did some much needed trimming in my 6 gallon killifish aquarium and now have more Java fern divisions than I know what to do with. I still have to thin out the 3 gallon, too... I'm pretty sure this can be used in moist terrariums as well. Shipping is on me. PM me if you're interested.
  20. Wire Man

    Nepenthes IDs, with a twist!

    Hey guys, I'm doing my Modern Art History paper on Marianne North's paintings of carnivorous plants. It's proving to be quite the challenge, as she never dated any of her paintings. I can tell the general order by the technical changes, but that's not what I need help with. I now some of...