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  1. SubRosa

    Latest Haul

    Bought a few lately. First two are Blc Tsiku Orpheus 'Fu Cai' & Hawaiian Passion 'Lake View Pink Lip' respectively. Both supposed to be highly fragrant. Next are Anacheilum baculus, also highly fragrant. And lastly a pair of Epidendrum hybrids, coronatum x scriptum:
  2. SubRosa

    Spring is coming...........

    A groundhog makes a much better meal than a meteorologist. Cats are much better at knowing when spring is coming........
  3. SubRosa

    Drosera stolonifera

    First bloom on a plant I got last season:
  4. SubRosa

    Weird Winter!

    These are a couple of native terrestrials that I potted and plunged this fall. In early January, no doubt due to our crazy weather, I noticed growth in the pot containing Platanthera flava and P. ciliaris, so I moved it and the second pot, containing a Cypripedium acaule into my cold room about...
  5. SubRosa

    Flowers in the Snow........ Almost.

    A pic of my naked jasmine, Jasminum nudiflorum. Too bad this winter has been so mild until now, it's already done blooming for the year. And the flowers look so nice against the snow......
  6. SubRosa

    ID on Trader Joe's Find?

    Just found this beauty at a local TJ's, and I'm curious as to what it actually is:
  7. SubRosa

    Echeveria 'Black Prince'

    An unexpected extra in a trade with TF member Dragonseye. Thanks again Paul! It's beginning to live up to its name:
  8. SubRosa

    Goodyera pubescens

    I'm offering a single specimen of this eastern US native orchid. Plant is currently in a 4" round plastic nursery pot, but for shipping purposes it will be removed. I will send it bare root or with the loose media at the winner's discretion. Although it's flowers aren't very showy, the dark...
  9. SubRosa

    Cleisocentron merrillianum

    Kind of a cheat, the plant arrived today in bloom.
  10. SubRosa

    Rhinopias frondosa, Weedy Scorpionfish

    A most unusual little guy:
  11. SubRosa

    Masdevallia Cheryl Shohan 'Red Hot Mama'

    Really intense color on this, the camera does it no justice:
  12. SubRosa


    I have a couple Tillandsia I'd like to rehome. They do well enough for me, but other than the cyanea they haven't bloomed. Here's what I have: 1. T. cyanea - large pup, should bloom in the spring 2. T. ionantha - cluster of 3 crowns 3. T. velutina 4. Noid, medium plant with very narrow leaves...
  13. SubRosa

    Goodyera pubescens

    Due to a mistake on my part, and amazing generosity on the part of the seller, I find myself with a few extra of this temperate terrestrial orchid. The genus Goodyera are mostly grown for their interesting foliage, like a temperate jewel orchid. The winner will receive 3 bare root plants. To...
  14. SubRosa

    Self Fertility Question

    I recently acquired a small specimen of Anacampserous 'Sunrise' which had previously bloomed and had a ripe capsule from which I got several seeds. Obviously I'm going to plant them, but if anyone has any experience with this plant or genus I'd be grateful if you could share. Thanks!
  15. SubRosa

    Gloriosa superba 'Rothschildiana' and Noid Ginger Plant

    Due to a bumper crop of one, and the generosity of a friend on the other, I have more of both of these than I have space for. The Gloriosa is a summer grower and these should be stored cool and dry until spring. The ginger should be planted immediately. You'll receive several pieces of root...
  16. SubRosa

    Lithops in Bloom

    One of my Lithops decided it wants to flower. There's one now and another on the other way:
  17. SubRosa


    Some of the trees I'm processing were dead when I dropped them and are literally covered in lichens. Not much variety, but no lack of quantity! Some cool hollow logs covered in the stuff too.
  18. SubRosa

    Ant Plants

    These were gifts from DaveS at last year's NECPS show. First is Hydnophytum formicarium, second is Myrmecodia tuberosa:
  19. SubRosa

    Cymbidium goeringii

    Just potted these up after winning them on eVILBAY. First is 'Cai Yuan He', second is 'Lian Ban':
  20. SubRosa

    Winter is Coming Giveaway #2

    This giveaway consists of some tropical and subtropical plants. NONE of these are reliably hardy for me here in zone 7A. 1. Approximately 12" of stem of Ludwigia sedioides, with extensive roots and at least 2 rosettes. Needs shallow water, from approx 6" to 12", perhaps slightly...