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  1. NewspaperFort

    Aquatic and sub-aquatic

    Hey all. My watery- utrics all seem to get smothered by algae. I have tried many different approaches, am think it might be a matter of too much or too little light? I often have success for a long time, and then algae SMOTHERS a pot. Any ideas what's the cause or solution?
  2. NewspaperFort

    Upcoming Free Webinar: Utrics from Victoria (2/14/21)

    Thank you John7. Hope to make it to the next event.
  3. NewspaperFort

    Looking For (trade) Small Windowsill Nepenthes

    Good luck on gracilis! They're great windowsill neps (:hearteyes:)
  4. NewspaperFort

    Hello... Again

    the forum is a pale shade of what it was last time i logged in, just a year or two ago. welcome back and let me know if I've got something you really need
  5. NewspaperFort

    TF Rendezvous in Portland, OR

  6. NewspaperFort

    TF Rendezvous in Portland, OR

    happy two years mark. welcome to the third decade on TF
  7. NewspaperFort

    PAID (NewspaperFort $13) intermedia

    received (long ago :p)
  8. NewspaperFort

    Anyone have photos of this supposed Sarracenia 'Willisii'?

    You know, the one that doesn't contain leuco? Also, why is it never referenced in quotes as a cultivar should? Have you noticed that?
  9. NewspaperFort

    Stylidium caespitosum

    I love it! My S. debile doesn't seem to be a fifth as vigorous as my previous clone. Would love to grow more enigmatic australian plants, but not if theyre gonna be this whimpy...
  10. NewspaperFort

    How do you protect rhizomes from squirrels?

    yes, mesh is the best. I don't have a bog garden, but grow in a trough. Squirrels aren't a problem, except for Dionaea. Birds, on the other hand, wreak havoc on Sphagnum, and Sarracenia seedlings. I use a mesh when I can. I don't have any problems with adult plants, but if I did, I'd certainly...
  11. NewspaperFort

    Give Away Free: Drosera X 'Hercules' for Auction Donors and Bidders

    ah heck... no shipping?! PAID (NewspaperFort $11) Fire-Star Orchid (Epidendrum radicans)
  12. NewspaperFort

    Is this a utricularia?

    If so, its a lovely fern : ] It is suspiciously coming from a single point. Pull out a leaf. if its a utric, you'll know..
  13. NewspaperFort

    NASC cobras fieldtrip!

    Ah! Darling! who is that red flower?
  14. NewspaperFort

    PAID (cekeys $15) LAST MINUTE Terrestrial Utricularia combo pack

    As I love Utricularia sp., I figured I would add a couple of plants that haven't been listed for your consideration. Maybe it will gain me some karma to win on those I am bidding on ;] I will send a small plug of each plant, enclosed in a vial, with a small piece of sphagnum. If any plant...
  15. NewspaperFort

    For Sale Mini Sunburst Lights

    thank you, i love the offer, but i am looking for LEDs!