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  1. feedme

    What Tillandsia for desert climate?

    Hello, I am wondering if there are Tillandsia that do better in a desert climate than others. I have 15-30% humidity year round. These would be indoors near a window that unfortunately faces north. (None facing south) I have an interesting hanging potter that isn't suitable for rooted...
  2. feedme

    Can I feed a VFT worms?

    I have to grow my VFT indoors under lights due to extremely high temperatures outside. We have already hit 107 with 10% humidity this year. It looks like it is going to be a scorcher this year. Last year was nice, it only hit 117F. :D Anyway, since my plant is grown indoors it does not get...
  3. feedme

    Trying a new soil mix

    I have a few Nepenthes in my classroom. They have been in LFS and have done so so. I decided I would experiment with them with a soil mix and I was wondering if anyone has tried this before. I have a worm farm compost bin. I took worm castings to mix in with the peat and peralite. The worm...
  4. feedme

    VFT 'Red Piranha' waking up

    Here are the first few leaves/traps of the season. It hasn't colored up yet, but should soon. I got this over the winter in dormancy.
  5. feedme

    D. roseana gemmae already?

    I have some D. roseana that I started in the fall. One of them has started looking different and I think it is forming gemmae. Do I need to do something different with the one plant? This is my first pygmy and really my first spring with carnivorous plants. Thanks in advance. edit - In...
  6. feedme

    My poor VFT's

    Well, I live in a very warm environment so I have to refrigerate the VFT's to get dormancy. This is the first time since I was a child that I have tried to grow them. I got a 'B-52' variety from a charity auction, then a 'Red Piranha' for the holidays. They were doing so well before dormancy...
  7. feedme

    More orchids blooming and more to come

    Here are some more of my orchids in bloom. Pic 1 - Noid Cattleya Pic 2 - Pot Hawaiian Yuan Gold Pic 3 - Paph lowii beginning a spike. Hope you like.
  8. feedme

    Two Paphs in bloom

    2 more of my orchids that are in bloom. Growing conditions: East window Semi-hydro pict 1 - Paphiopedilum primulinum - this is a sequential bloomer. It has been blooming for a year now on its 12th bloom with no signs of stopping. pict 2 - Paphiopedilum Druid Spring - this is a...
  9. feedme

    2 new U. sandersonii (typical and blue)

    Well here are my newest additions. I hope they will be ok because USPS was stupid and sent them all over the country before getting them to me. They were sent from Seattle, WA area to New Jersey on the frozen east coast before sending back to Palm Springs. Maybe USPS is trying to mismanage...
  10. feedme

    Orchid in bloom

    This is Mo. Painted Desert 'SVO' HCC/AOS x Morm. lawrenceana '#1'. It has a great minty/eucalyptus scent in the mornings, especially when the sun hits it.
  11. feedme

    When to divide?

    I have this unknown Ping that I got from a death cube over the summer. It was actually my first carnivorous plant. There were several of them in the pot, but I killed all but one from over watering. Now I have this lone survivor that has morphed into 3 unknown Pings. :banana2: When should I...
  12. feedme

    New lithos

    Well, I have a typo in the title. If a moderator sees this could you add a "p" to my title. Thanks. I got a new lithops today. Unfortunately I don't know what the species is. Any ideas? Here are some pictures of the plant and the flower. I got it for $3 at a local botanical garden.
  13. feedme

    Thank you TF members

    Here are some of my seedlings thanks to several members of TF. I only had one D. adelae from a death cube at the beginning of the summer. I was able to take advantage of a few SASE offers and have built a small collection. Thanks to the several members that offered these seeds. :hail: I...
  14. feedme

    What is my ping doing?

    I lost my other Ping because I accidentally watered it when it was trying to flower and it rotted. So, I quit watering this one when it started to do weird things with its leaves. But, what is it doing? It was growing from one crown, but now it seems to have 3 now? ??? I was told that...
  15. feedme

    Orchids I have blooming now

    Here are some orchids I have blooming now. I have been growing orchids now for about 5 years. They are what got me into CP's when I was looking for a non-chemical way to help control fungus gnats with my seedlings. Pict 1 - Psychopsis hybrid (NoID) - this actually has 2 blooms and another bud...
  16. feedme

    Drosera adelae pictures

    I know that this is supposed to be one of the easiest plants to grow, but it was my first Drosera and I still like it quite a bit. I divided it about 3 weeks ago and it has already filled its pot and is trying to escape from the drainage slits on the side. :-))
  17. feedme

    Do you think this will be cool enough for VFT winter?

    I live in Palm Springs, CA and I was wondering if you thought it gets cold enough for me to winter my VFT outside. Average highs and lows in F: Oct 91/61 Nov 78/50 Dec 70/43 Jan 70/44 Feb 75/46 Mar 51/81 I hope that this will work. Thanks for your help. :-D
  18. feedme

    Drosera capensis

    These are from the seeds I got from Nepfreak. Thanks again. :D There are several starting, but this photo was the best. The second picture is of a small bunch of live sphagnum moss that is growing well for me. I just trimmed some off the top to finely chop up for some other seeds I am...
  19. feedme

    How fine to chop?

    I have a 1:1 mix of peralite and peat. I have live sphagnum that I have been successful growing and want to chop some up to put on the peat, which I will then sow some seeds. ??? My questions are: How fine do I chop the sphagnum moss? Should I sow the seed when I chop the sphag and let...
  20. feedme

    Did I do something wrong here?

    The first two photos are of P. moranensis that is starting a flower. I have not changed anything since it started, but the leaf next to it started to die early. Did I do something wrong? Should I reduce watering now? I thought that summer flowers don't indicate dormancy so I should keep...