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  1. J

    What the heck is this plant?

    COPY AN PASTE THE LINK: http://www.angelfire.com/darkside/wolverine/images/aplant.jpg It just started to grow in the backyard. We don't know what the heck it is, it has some small white flowers. It's gorwing like crazy and has spear head shapped leaves. I'm thinking maybe it's some sort of...
  2. J

    Most likely been posted before, but...incectacide

    Someone suggested Schultz mitacide/funicide/insectacide, but I can't locate this. Anyone else have other suggestions for getting rid of both mold and some unknown small bug that looks like a tick?
  3. J

    N. sanguinea pics

    (Side Note: I'm 6 foot tall and my hands are HUGE! So this gives you an idea of the size) This is pics of my new plant. These are still babies    so I can't wait to see how much bigger they get. If you can't tell on the second pic, the ruler says 8.5 inches.
  4. J

    The mound of death- pics

    The Mound Of Death! Look at all the open mouths! These are getting sooooooo big right now! Someone told me that this was "Clumping" (not sure on that tho, it looks like typical to me) and the other ones are Dente's. What do you guys think?
  5. J

    Sarr seed question

    Ok, I now have lots of sarr seeds and am going to plant them in 3 weeks (they're in the fridge right now). Do I place them on top of the soil in direct sunlight, or do I keep them out of direct sunlight, or do cover them with spagnum?
  6. J

    Need cephalotus seedling pics

    Could someone post a picture of a freashly "hatched"(I know that's not the right word for it, but it makes it more like it's a creature instead of a plant) cephalotus seed. I planted some seed about 3 months ago in my terrarium and now I've got a small clump of leaves there and want to match it...
  7. J

    Watch me on tv tonight

    I know this is waaayyy off topic, and in a way is shameless self promotion...but I just wanted to give anyone who cared a heads up. I'll be on the tv show Movies At Our House: Star Trek IV on July 20th at 8:00PM (check local listings to be sure of time) on AMC (American Movie Classics) . We're...
  8. J

    I need to drown my plants

    Ok, have a small infestation on my prized plants which are in a 10 gallon aquarium. They keep cropping up so I have to do something drastic...drown the frickin things. They aren't afids, they are small white/yellow bugs with rounded backs and look like fleas, but don't act like fleas (ya, the...
  9. J

    Has anyone used kitchen culture?

    I recently recieved the Basic Kitchen Culture Kit from Kitchen Culture (bought from someone else who bought it and didn't need it). It's got all these extra hormones and everything. Anyone ever use this one for microprop and can advise me what amounts of what I'm supposed to use?
  10. J

    Is anyone here good with creating applets?

    If anyone is good with creating applets, I need help creating one, it's really simple. PM me please!
  11. J

    Micropropigation from seed help

    Ok, I got my pressure cooker, I know how to do micropropagation from plant leaves, no I need to find out how to do it with CP seeds. Do I starelize the seed and just throw it on a petri dish and watch it grow? Do anyone have advice, etc? OH!!! LOOK! NEW SMILIES! I've got to use them...let...
  12. J

    Cep seed startification

    I'm goign to startify my Cephalotus seeds. I'm going to put them in a wet towel and stick it in the fridge, then take it out and let it sit. How long to I keep it in the fridge (is it 3 weeks or 3 months?)
  13. J

    Pressure cooker

    I live in Los Angeles (not many people out here do home canning) and am going to be doing tissue culture soon and need a pressure cooker. Anyone know where's the best place to get a cheap medium to large sized pressure cooker? Either new or used? I'm thinking ebay. Any other ideas? (I've already...
  14. J

    Aclimating to a dry enviroment

    What's the best way to ween cp's that have been in a extremely moist enviroment for 90% of their life to a very dry enviroment? What's the best way/various ways?
  15. J

    Is this combination possable?

    My Drosera capensis and my Dionaea "Clumping" are both flowering at about the same time. What would happen if I rubbed both of the flowers together? What's the end result?
  16. J

    AH! Flower!

    Ok, I know it's not all that benifissial to Dionaea's when they flower, I know Pings like to flower and it's ok to let them, what about droseras'? My Drosera capensis is flowering and I don't want it to take away from the life of the plant or kill it. Does flowering do any harm to droseras?
  17. J

    Anyone Know Of This Plant?

    Does anyone know if this trap called Dionaea XL Clone? I got it from the UK in seed for and it's sprouted. Any info or pics would be apreciated. It's hard to tell what it's going to look like b/c it's just the two first leaves right now, no traps yet.
  18. J

    Name This Trap Please

    Ok, I just bought this one from OSH (it's a hard ware store). I checked around on the net and only found this picture (see below). That person's not sure either. I'm thinking saw tooth, but the teeth are'nt the typical small and short. The leaves are long and it has LARGE heads on em... Any...
  19. J

    My Filiformis is being killed?

    Ok, this is a little weird, one healthy filiformis filiformis just upped and died on me, then with in the next day my other one died. I am now in fear of the other ones I have in the terrarium. I'm baffled, no sign of infection of any fungus', they just withered, died, and turned black. It's in...
  20. J

    Cepalotus Seeds in Gibberellic Acid

    I'm soaking the Ceph seeds in some Gibberellic Acid to start em growing. Since this is more of a soft seed then most, do you guys still think the recommended 3 day soak is nessicary for them?