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  1. jafvortex93

    For those that use prescription glasses

    There's a website called Zenni Optical. They take your prescription and can make your glasses for ridiculously cheap. I got a pair of prescription sunglasses from them a few days ago (first time ordering) and i was pretty skeptical but they are really good. The frame quality is not as good as a...
  2. jafvortex93

    LED lighting

    I remember seeing a post a few years back where Av8tor1 experimented with LED lighting and showed remarkable results IMO. Has anyone else experimented with this since? Store bought (led grow panel) or DIY? Maybe Av8tor1 can pitch in if he's continued this experiment through the years. Here's...
  3. jafvortex93

    Hello Hello!

    N. Densiflora x Ventricosa question Hello everyone, a few years ago i had to give up all my plants due to a move but the itch has started again and i just ordered an N. densiflora x ventricosa which should be arriving late this coming week. Just wondering if anyone else has any experience with...
  4. jafvortex93

    Fun at Rapids water park! =]

    <iframe width="425" height="349" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/Dt-SMkm3AUo?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  5. jafvortex93

    Help please. Planting around saltwater pool.

    i tried googling what plants would look nice but alot of the results came up with just names and then id have to go on google images and see 10 different var. of each. so im hoping that with your help i can find out the names and info about some plants that will not only look beautiful but will...
  6. jafvortex93

    Its Bunny Time! =]

    <object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/hJl9-YbtSuA?fs=1&hl=en_US&rel=0"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  7. jafvortex93

    alright, so i moved and now plants are homeless...

    i want to do a giveaway as long as shipping gets taken care of by you, i got 4-5 ventricosas all except for two of them have at least one other growth point. 1 ventxspec and 1 belliixtruncata. all of them would be classified under the Small category. less than 4 inches tall and only 2-2.5 inch...
  8. jafvortex93

    Funny Homework Answers =] Enjoy!

  9. jafvortex93

    Famous nepenthes!!

    What im about to tell everyone is sad because i didnt have my camera with me =[. but in orlando florida in the universal studios islands of adventure theme park, at the wizarding world of harry potter, at the forbbiden journey, in the line, they have neps growing from hanging baskets!!! i saw it...
  10. jafvortex93

    some nep pics =]

    Thought id share some nep pics. alot are repeats of ventricosas. ventxspec about a week and half ago, inflating pitcher Im not sure why the leaves are curvy, but the new ones that are coming out are straight and broad how id expect. about 30 minutes ago. bellixtruncata the leaves...
  11. jafvortex93

    Sarracenia Purpurea for south floridian?

    Is this an easy task to handle. ive been wanting a sarr for a while but ive been put off by the size seeing as we get really bad wind gusts when it rains in the summer and purpurea seems to be the one that would be most forgiven in THAT aspect but the other concern i have is that i live about 30...
  12. jafvortex93

    Finished Product Pics

    Silicone drying after Re-building it. Semi-finished product After adding the Foil and touching eveyrthing up. i smoothed all the foil down and added white comp paper all around to minimize the light penetrating the foil. the tube being fed into the tank is a repti-fogger. -Javier
  13. jafvortex93

    made an acrylic terra today

    it took me about an hour and half to make it, for 20$ i figured i should take a stab at working with acrylic and i found that its actually quite easy. im sure that giving myself a couple days to make another one would result in a decent terra. for an hour+ of work i think this came out alright...
  14. jafvortex93

    Anybody that has experience building acrylic terra's

    that has skype or msn that can help me out with my project?
  15. jafvortex93

    stunted growth??

    my vft seems to have stopped, the unformed traps it has (4-5) are all colored up but they having finished forming, it hasnt re-opened any of its traps that have insects in them, and otherwise hasnt done ANYTHING in the past 3 weeks. the leaves are still nice a firm, nice coloration. i inspected...
  16. jafvortex93

    some pics of my dogs!!!!!

    Tina-the one that ran away. Spike Sniper My nephew getting licked by spike. Looking into the mouth of a lion.
  17. jafvortex93

    just a few pics

    Just thought id share some pics!
  18. jafvortex93

    Found!!!!!! Yes! =]

    SOOOOOOOO..... I FOUND MY DOG!!! =]! she got picked up by the pound. $42 later and a scolding from the director and i got her back! thanks alot for all of your good wishes. ill post some pics of her in a little bit shes a bit smelly and dirty.
  19. jafvortex93

    new repti-fogger =]

    Just set it up last night, it seems to be working pretty good and gets a good flow of fog/mist throughout the tank so i THINK it should do its job well and for a good while, i got it at petsmart so im planning on being a jerk and returning it every 45 days (60 day return policy)and getting a new...
  20. jafvortex93

    leaves turning red?? help?

    the rest of my neps under the same bulb are fine, just this belliixtruncata is doing this. im thinking its getting burnt, maybe the lights i have it under are stronger or just closer than the vendor i got it from, will it slowly acclimate to the stronger lights? Thank you in advance...