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  1. Tony Paroubek

    Nepenthes villosa journal

    I would suggest a couple small pieces of dried bloodworms into each pitcher every week or two.
  2. Tony Paroubek

    How are the (bosch x campy) x (pect x campy) seed going?

    Don't recall offhand how thick I spread the seed in the pot but here you go.
  3. Tony Paroubek

    I need a little Nepenthes help

    N. bicalcarata is notorious for disliking change. Probably just the original leaves showing a bit of adverse reaction to the change. If you start seeing the same symptoms though on leaves produced in your care then there is clearly an issue to be concerned with. Perhaps as suggested, some...
  4. Tony Paroubek

    How are the (bosch x campy) x (pect x campy) seed going?

    Hi Z, They are still pretty small so not much to look at yet. I think there will be some very pretty plants in the group but with primary parents on both sides there will be a fair amount of variability also.
  5. Tony Paroubek

    Pawpaw Seeds

    In case you were unaware, it's important to never let the seeds dry out. Keep them in some moist sphagnum or something similar. oh.. good instructions on how to handle for anyone that would like to try them. http://www.ohiopawpaw.com/Seeds.pdf
  6. Tony Paroubek

    Advice On Cooling a Greenhouse Wanted

    Some more stuff! gotta love stuff.. I bet with a 6" thick cellulose pad evaporative system you could easily get a 15-20 degree drop over ambient temperatures during the day. Which even on a 90+ day would put you in around 80 within the greenhouse...
  7. Tony Paroubek

    Advice On Cooling a Greenhouse Wanted

    oh hmm.. lots to think about here. You will need shading during the Summer without a doubt. The direct sun will be too much on the plants and the shading will help reduce the heat buildup. The aluminet reflective type are best for reducing the heat but are more $$ vs the typical black shade...
  8. Tony Paroubek

    How to Get Bigger Pitchers?

    If you could elaborate on your question I might offer some thoughts. Are you asking why the same plant (clone) of similar age and size in one persons care makes pitchers which are noticeably smaller? Or a particular plant had larger pitchers and while the plant has grown larger the pitchers...
  9. Tony Paroubek

    My nepenthes so far

    I am curious as to your lighting. It appears to be quite a distance between the plants and whatever light source you are using. Are they in natural sunlight? What are your current temperature parameters?
  10. Tony Paroubek

    Happy Birthday Tony Paroubek

    Thanks Everyone! Great Bday for sure! Another trip around the Sun ;> I like that! Getting settled back in and working on the pile of email and sorting from spam. Should have the pricelist updated soon and lots of plants ready for shipping for those waiting! Tony
  11. Tony Paroubek

    Pitcher of the Month July 2013

    This guy caught my eye recently and I didn't want to start a new thread for one photos so... Still a bit of a youngin at 8" diameter but they are starting to show much more character as they get older. Looking forward to see how they develop further! N. viking #19 (or globosa or mirabilis...
  12. Tony Paroubek

    KPG's Nepenthes

    That's the old code number. From mid 2004. I think??? they were tc, the invoice says "typical" which usually meant they were TC plants. There were some seed grown plants released back in mid 2003 but there is no code number. The invoice however says "assorted" which usually meant from seed...
  13. Tony Paroubek

    Seed Pod Forming? (Pics)

    Hard to say.. I have plants that flower and never have produced seed no matter how many times I have tried. Others will set seed but only when crossed with certain things. I would think that N. veitchii x Tiveyi should be fertile as all the parents in it are all closely related.
  14. Tony Paroubek

    Seed Pod Forming? (Pics)

    From the sound of it 2 of the 3 were no good from the start with poor pollen. As for the N. ventricosa attempt, hard to say. Perhaps the timing was off when you did the pollination. Perhaps the two just weren't meant to be... Or perhaps the other person thinks their pods are good when they...
  15. Tony Paroubek

    Pitcherless Plant

    Oh woops forgot to answer your other question. 100% LFS is fine too. I know a number of growers that use it. For me personally it stays too wet as I can't water that carefully to keep it in that nice zone between too wet and too dry. If you use all LFS or a mix that has a high percentage of...
  16. Tony Paroubek

    Seed Pod Forming? (Pics)

    Hmm so it's been a little over 2 months... General rule of thumb is about 5 months for pods to mature, give or take a few weeks as it's somewhat dependent on the mother plant as well as temperatures while the pods develop. Usually you can see the pods elongate at least 2 if not 3 or 4 times...
  17. Tony Paroubek

    Pitcherless Plant

    Are they long straight tubes or the twisted compact fluorescent type? The twisted CFL are nice because you can get several side by side in those clip on reflector fixtures that fit a standard medium base light bulb. If they are straight tubes there really isn't much you can do other than...
  18. Tony Paroubek

    Pitcher of the Month June 2013

    HAHA Paul gets my vote too ;> Not to mention he's a much better photographer as well!
  19. Tony Paroubek

    Pitcherless Plant

    Peat/sand is heavy and yes it will eventually "squashed down upon the roots of the plant" and in doing so will reduce the amount of aeration to the roots which could kill them eventually. As for the lighting. One of the biggest errors I see in this hobby is failure to understand the plants...
  20. Tony Paroubek

    Pitcherless Plant

    Well you made a solid effort to give vital information and that's good. However it is lacking in some details. 2 fluorescent bulbs doesn't tell me much. It's key to know how strong they are in watts. I can tell you though that without that information unless you are running 150watt+ bulbs...