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  1. gill_za

    Sarracenia pitcher lid drying

    Hi there, A few Sarrs in my recirculating mini bog had this issue for a while. The tip of the lid begins drying. The plants push out new pitchers regularly and seem to be doing fine overall. Plans were inoculated with beneficial mites and some time after that when the issue persisted were...
  2. gill_za

    Pure Cold Pressed Neem Oil vs. prediluted or semi-prediluted neem oil emulsion

    Basically the title. I need to buy Neem and considering between Dyna-Gro pure cold pressed Neem oil and Garden Safe Neem oil which is at 70% but still needs further dilution. I assume if using Dyna-Gro I might need to add a bit of surfactant to the solution to maintain the emulsion when...
  3. gill_za

    Something is attacking the plants. Need help IDing the problem.

    Hello, The plants below grow in two different pots outside. One pot with Venus Fly taps sits in a tray of water. The other is a recirculating self watering pot (water changed every two weeks). Plants are also treated with White shark and Ampac trichoderma mix with every water change. This...
  4. gill_za

    Self watering recirculating pot for outside

    Going on vacation soon and was not sure what to do with the pot I have setup outside. The pot initially started as something suggested on here but instead of the elaborate connection for the overflow it had a tube that I fastened to the pot itself and used to “regulate” water level. Paul...
  5. gill_za

    Caught a worm in Cephalotus purched online, should I repot?

    Ordered a cephalotus online. It arrived "shaken, not stirred". On top of that I noticed upon closer examination of the plant an earth worm poking out to say hello. Worm was evicted with prejudice but where there is one, there could be more. The general rule of thumb is to leave a Ceph that...
  6. gill_za

    Brand of sphagnum peat moss

    Yes this question does get asked often. Local nursery owner informed me that there were changes on the Peat Moss extraction/distribution market and the brand I used to get is not currently available. I tried several brands and generally found that whatever is sold in Lowes or HD (Premier or...
  7. gill_za

    Documentary about Carnivorous Plants

    While I am reassembling the RO unit I decided to check my "watch later" playlist for background noise and found this gem: Enjoy
  8. gill_za

    New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Delaware

    Hello! I am curious if there are members here that belong to an active New Jersey, Pennsylvania or Delaware carnivorous plant groups that perhaps meet periodically or semi-periodically IRL. I am from Philadelphia and was hoping to find a local CP group. P.S. South Eastern PA carnivorous...
  9. gill_za

    Orchid problems

    Dear Orchid experts, could you help me figure out a couple of problems plaguing my orchids? Problem #1 Last summer I had an infestation on a couple of my plants. The pests looked like very tiny brown-red-ish specs, needle tip size. They crowded the leaves and the places around which they were...
  10. gill_za

    Sowing cephalotus seeds in 14mL vial holders

    Hello, I have recently came into possession of some cephalotus seeds and after searching on the forum, came up with a plan to sow them. Some one else on this forum used seed-starter sponge to propogate pullings, maybe RSS or Jcal, can't remember. But I got inspiration for this from them...
  11. gill_za

    Cleaning and sanitizing the Reverse Osmosis system

    Hello, I have a 4yr old Reverse Osmosis system sitting a garage that has not been used for at-least 2 years. Filter Direct Online Store (C) I would like to bring the system back to life and use it for plants and drinking water both. After sitting idle for so long I bet it is borderline a...
  12. gill_za

    Hoffman horticultural charcoal for cephalotus soil

    Hi All, I would like to find out if anyone had experience using Horticultural Charcoal like the one below as an additive to the soil for Cephs? Couple of days ago I divided and replanted my Cephalotus in a mix that contained Charcoal (~10%) as per the soil recommendation I have seen on other...
  13. gill_za

    Help identify and treat these tiny bugs.

    My pings are infested with these little bugs. At first I thought they were perhaps seeds that I spilled accidentally but when they starting popping up on more and more plants it became obvious that they are not seeds :( They don't seem to be moving much unless you poke them and flip them upside...
  14. gill_za

    Pinguicula name confusion.

    Last year I have acquared a few pings and I believe the names supplied with the plants have been confused. Please help me identify these plants. This one was sold to me as : P. gracilis x moctezumae while I now believe it is P. 'Aphrodite' Another pinguicula that I believe was mislabled...
  15. gill_za

    Beginners Pinguicula giveaway (for postage)

    Hello All, I would like to giveaway some pings. These species and perfect for those beginning to grow both Temperate-subtropical and Tropical Pinguicula. I have these plants growing in little clumps which will be divided into two (2) packages. Below are the pics of offered plants: P...
  16. gill_za

    Lava Rock

    Lately I find myself going too quick through small packages of Hoffman red lava rock that I buy in a not so local nursery. I saw lowes offer black lava rock and HD offer red lava rock for sale. Is black lava rock essentially the same mineral as red lava rock (Scoria)? I wonder if the stuff...
  17. gill_za

    Colony Collapse Disorder and pesticide

    Just thought that would be interesting since it mentions one of the popular pesticides many of us have used :( http://news.mongabay.com/2012/0405-hance_colonycollapse_pesticides.html
  18. gill_za

    Sarrs for postage

    Hi All, After repotting my little Sarracenia collection I ended up with extra divisions that I would like to give away to those who are beginning (or any one else who is interested) in this hobby and would like to try growing Sarracenia. So, up for grabs is a package containing six plants: S...
  19. gill_za

    Petco white freshwater aquarium sand

    My local Petcos sells this so called "white aquarium sand" for freshwater aquariums. The particles of sand are larger than play sand (~2 - 3mm). I have recently purchased small amount to test. Sand does not change pH of water (checked with pH strips). There was no reaction with acid (I...
  20. gill_za

    Beginners oriented giveaway

    Dear all, This will be a small novice oriented giveaway. I’d like to give away my N. ventrata rooted and unrooted cuttings as well as unrooted N. thorelli x something hybrid. With each of the cutting I will include a D. capensis typical and D. spatulata from little pots that are also a home to...