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  1. nealfor

    S. Minor Seeds for SASE

    This is my first batch of seeds from a Sarracenia so I figured I would give them out! I only had one flower so the yield was low, as a result I only have 3 packs for SASE (10 seeds each). I am 95% sure these are S. Minor self polinated, because I didn't have any other Sarrs with flowers when...
  2. nealfor

    S. Oreo in Alabama

    Here are some picture of S. Oreo in their natural habitat. I'm sending you to links because these pictures are huge... http://www.kennesawultimate.org/pics/oreo/IMG_1549.JPG http://www.kennesawultimate.org/pics/oreo/IMG_1551.JPG http://www.kennesawultimate.org/pics/oreo/IMG_1553.JPG...
  3. nealfor

    Typical Flytrap Seeds! winner theJerk242 $2

    This auction is for one pack of freshly harvested typical VFT seeds (6/19/08). I know these may not be the rarest thing around but this is for a great cause everybody!!! I'll take care of the shipping. Do I hear $1? :banana2:
  4. nealfor

    Little River, Alabama

    Hey everybody I'm heading to Little River Canyon National Preserve in Alabama in a few weeks and am hoping to be able to spot some S. Oreophilas. If anybody knows the location of some places i should look while in the park I would greatly appreciate it. I'll be sure to post some pictures if I...
  5. nealfor

    Nealfor's Growlist

    My small grow list: -- Ping -- P. Sethos P. Titan -- Sarracenia -- S. Minor S. Leucophylla S. Purpurea (Lowes) S. Flava S. Rubra S. 'Hurricane Creek White' Multiple Seedlings -- Drosera -- D. Capensis D. Binata D. Filiformis -- VFT -- Typical Fine Tooth x Red Red Piranhas Cupped Trap --...
  6. nealfor

    Hey from GA

    Hey everybody i just wanted to say hi; I've been lurking for a few weeks and decided to post. I just started growing CPs i have 2 VFTs and purchased some Sundew seeds online which i have put into a container; but i'm not sure what kind so i dunno if i need to stratification, and also i have a...