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    Utricularia campbelliana--cultivation in moss

    I had an idea a while back, and I was wondering if it makes any sense and if anyone has tried anything like it. Utricularia campbelliana seems to do best for many people when it's either mounted or in a pot with holes. However, I've seen a couple of pots where it sort of looks like there's a...
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    Hydnophytum sp. Malaybalay

    Does anybody grow this plant? It's an antplant from Wistuba. I've had mine for maybe a year and a half, and it's grown lots of roots and expanded the caudex a bit but doesn't seem to like to keep more than two leaves at a time for me. I had to leave for a week, and I left it in probably near...
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    Looking For (To Buy) Orchidioides Utricularia

    I'm looking for seeds or plugs of U. quelchii, U. campbelliana, or U. alpina. I'm open to buying or trading. For trade, I have a small basal offshoot of Nepenthes tenuis and a tiny basal offshoot of Heliamphora ionasii.
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    Mineral substrate

    tl;dr does anyone grow Pinguicula in straight gypsum, and if so, where do you get it? I had noticed that many cacti looked very different in cultivation and in the wild, and also that I found the wild version much nicer in many cases. After a bit of digging, it turns out that if the cacti are...
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    Tiny seeds

    I'm doing a project with some Stylidium, and some of the seeds are just miniscule. Even the biggest species have seeds smaller than a millimetre, and the smallest can't be more than 500 microns. I managed to get them into a liquid smoke suspension, but does anyone have advice on how to plant out...
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    Cephalotus top watering

    I top water my ceph, and it's been doing very well. Leaves and pitchers grow large quickly (adult pitchers first appeared in March, and those that started growing in April are currently about an inch long), though I haven't checked the root system. I always do my best to not get water on the...
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    Fridge to highland terrarium--sensible?

    I have been trying to figure out a better way to cool my highland terrarium than simply putting in ice bottles. Today an idea occurred to me that seemed very simple--remove the compressor, the evaporator, and the tubing from an existing fridge, hook it up to a thermostat inside the terrarium...
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    Looking For (To Buy) Stylidium seeds

    I'd like to buy some Stylidium seeds for a research project. I'm located in the Boston area, but shipping might be to Brown University (will have to discuss with the lab PI). I'm looking for at least 10 seeds of any given species.
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    Sad Heliamphora

    I've been growing H. ionasi and H. minor for a few months, and I they have not been doing well. There was a day when my radiator wouldn't turn off, which killed many of each of their pitchers, and after that each new one has been smaller. The ionasi was shocked, I guess, into producing adult...
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    Sarracenia flowers--when?

    I went out on Saturday to see if I could see some, but it seems to still be early for Southern RI. Does anyone have a guess on how soon it will be/when I should head out again?
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    Ranges of Guiana Highlands Utricularia

    I've been trying to find range information for Utricularia from the Guiana highlands, like U. campbelliana, U. quelchii, and U. humboldti, but information is sort of lacking. I know the first two have been found on Mt. Roraima, but it seems they've been found elsewhere as well. Unlike most...
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    For Sale A few random plants

    I have three pretty theme-less plants for sale, as follows. Haworthiopsis attenuata--$5 for two, or $3 each Drosera cf. x californicum (hibernaculum)--$10 Hydnophytum simplex--$8 Or all of them for $20 plus shipping, which I will work out when I actually ship (I'm expecting it to be around $10)...
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    Odd growth on Angraecum magdalenae

    My Angraecum magdalenae, which has generally been growing quite happily, has recently grown this odd thing just above the second oldest leaf. At first I thought it was a spike, which would already be odd, because this specimen is very small to be producing spikes, and such a spike would...
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    Fertilizing Utricularia quelchii

    I have a U. quelchii that's chugging away in a highland terrarium, and I'm wondering if I should fertilize it and, if so, how much/at what concentration. It's growing in live sphagnum moss with some perlite added to make the substrate a little lighter. At first I fertilized with orchid...
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    Electrostatic warning on LEDs

    I received 5 high-ouput rigid LED strips today (1010 Lm output at 50 degrees C), and there is a warning on the package that says: "CAUTION! ELECTROSTATIC SENSITIVE DEVICES DO NOT OPEN OR HANDLE EXCEPT AT A STATIC-FREE WORKSTATION" It also has what I now know to be the standard electrostatic...
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    Options for lighting

    I'm currently planning a terrarium build converting what was formerly a home for a pet to a highland carnivorous plant terrarium. The terrarium is a cube with 18" sides, and I'm not sure what the best lighting solution is. I've been looking primarily at LEDs, because they're generally cooler...
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    A nice surprise

    Yesterday morning I found the first flower on my Drosera filiformis had finally opened! I'm sure this is old hat to most people here, but it is my first flower on a carnivorous plant :-D It's got a whole lot of buds waiting to open, most of which you can see in the photo. It hadn't occurred to...
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    Sphagnum wild habitat

    I always think of Sphagnum as a light-loving plant that grows unshaded in big bogs where it's the dominant plant (dominant as in most numerous and dense, as well as being unshaded). However, today I found it in very deep shade, underneath very dense wetland bushes. Was I the only one who didn't...
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    Some growth rates for various nepenthes species

    I'm thinking of ordering a few Nepenthes species in the near future, but I'm very space limited at the moment. I'd probably not have room for a (relatively) full size plant of anything bigger than N. dubia. However, I also expect that my amount of space available will significantly increase in...
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    Fertilizing a mounted orchid

    I've had an Aeranthes ramosa for a little under a year, in which time I have never fertilized it. Several months ago I moved it from a pot to a mount for the sake of convenience, because the orchid bark would fall out whenever I watered. After getting the plant stable, it began to grow much more...