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  1. fredg

    How do you protect rhizomes from squirrels?

    Some years ago I had a friendly squirrel that was a frequent visitor in and out of the house ( it came in the cat flap). She also terrorised the local cats. She chased the local alpha Tom so hard one evening he had a heart attack. With our own cat there was an armistice. At that time I had a...
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  5. fredg

    Stylidium caespitosum

    Some sticky bits. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/Cl29-lkamRE90hRaZf9_wCp3-BxI5PoNc06fsEQaLAoisx7ZYBVU6rEY4DbZeB5uHruinCVE_qxWwUYizxi5ZO7Lr4tGAJUqz_nYKdMCWkpURa-YXE0k8ybMhiaLfZEEJffsLIusKQ=w1920-h1080...
  6. fredg

    Drosera Regia Stressed?

    What is your night temp outside? The D. lanata I can't comment on as I've never grown the petiolaris complex but the D. regia is a hardy chappie. I'd leave that one outside and stop moving it around. I see that article says D. regia will withstand a light frost well yes I'd agree as mine have...
  7. fredg

    How do you protect rhizomes from squirrels?

    A 12 gauge and a rocking chair :devilish:
  8. fredg

    Cephalotus Temps

    Have you checked the ambient temperatures the plant grows in in the wild?
  9. fredg

    Drosera Regia Issues

    The plants die back to these winter buds. I just treat them like any other dormant cp. New growth can start from January onwards. Note that I am in the UK.
  10. Drosera regia winter bud.jpg

    Drosera regia winter bud.jpg

  11. D. regia hibernaculum.jpg

    D. regia hibernaculum.jpg

  12. fredg

    Drosera Regia Issues

    Has the plant ever been allowed to go dormant? Mine have every year since 1988.
  13. fredg

    A bit of this and a bit of that

    Aloinopsis schooneesii, I couldn't resist a shot of the working bits :single_eye: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/wePxQcgonLZGtkiZtMwbiZIyVIpCz_aYICybq2UkV3Vu6kKhBmELVZerG6G4PdXz3Bx_CU0qDnQQphRqjCle75DyFsWUEym8qUDiaPg1NMqFHfH_dyhQ10SsiCuzrOmRQyYenriwTQ=w1920-h1080
  14. Aloinopsis schooneesii.jpg

    Aloinopsis schooneesii.jpg

  15. fredg

    Flower Watch 2020

  16. darling 17-05.jpg

    darling 17-05.jpg

  17. fredg

    A bit of this and a bit of that

    Delosperma sutherlandii and Delosperma esterhuyseniae https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/Gq4ZQtsFNin3y8fgD66lACCR_y3rwnO8VN4vQV8wT0bPAr7nDYbPCkmMXiEY3kCI9xYaNMvVz1cuIvYUK70CCfUKWoH6pt9-OiV8eeI3jqjbvE8kPEWMr40UhDRhCeIY_k8ABZgA4A=w1920-h1080
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  19. fredg

    Cypripedium Macra Pink

    It's an early bird, always the first of my Cypripedium to flower. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/su5wo8nZPqY_5xK_ow9P-xfdm8LDXMtbEgaWr-vU-y3VsArKihW9_b68g95wcYb8svafLb5GUgcs01Dl-VcMjxj31AW5MdjMo5WCjb6SEmHBkSf4EpnOteLNPD5x3xeOdNvMik7KSg=w1920-h1080...
  20. Macra Pink a 15-05.jpg

    Macra Pink a 15-05.jpg