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  1. boxofrain

    ISO misting pump

    I am looking for a small pump to use in my GH. The GH is only 6'x8', I have 5 misting nozzles in a system that normally hooks up to a water faucet. Not wanting the chlorine in the mist, I need something small, either in-line or submersible. Looking on-line is very confusing, as I am not sure...
  2. boxofrain

    temperate Ping's

    Any one here a fancier of such things? Two questions.....where in general are you located? and, do they do well for you? Thanks for the info
  3. boxofrain


    please clear your messages out....no room for a PM!
  4. boxofrain

    USPS shipping practices

    How Y'all are!? I am wanting to know what the best days of the week are for shipping plants out. The wife sez that they process packages every day and items would arrive within a few days (mon) if shipped today...... I am quite dubious of this. My time at work limits my access to the Post...
  5. boxofrain

    ISO section Orchidioides

    since having collected the section Iperua, I am now looking to collect the section Orchidioides. I have a few, but missing many. Looking for; U. Praetermissa U. Buntingiana U. Unifolia U. Asplundii U. Jamesoniana U. Campbelliana Any help or information on any of these would be greatly...
  6. boxofrain

    flowering nep.

    I have a Nep that is starting to produce a flower. It is a Splendiana x (tiveyii x vetchii), thanks Mass!. I have no other Neps with flowers so the loose pollen (if male) is not a concern at this time. My question is, should I cut the flower off, leave it to finish, wither and then cut it...
  7. boxofrain

    field trip 6-2-12 drive by shooting

    still cant seem to get the pics I rotated to stay rotated! Picasa sucks with me driving it! anyway, all photos taken within 50' of roadway.
  8. boxofrain

    culturing live food

    I have decided to culture some food for my Utrics and genlisia. I have all needed equipment and knowledge ( many years of raising fishes for wholesale), except one thing. When I retrieved my trusty Tasco microscope from its wooden box ( I got this for Christmas in '67 or '68), it was totally...
  9. boxofrain

    Dormancy questio ( I know...again)

    I am confused on which Pings are to go into dormancy. I see recent pics from others of the same thing I now have in low light/low water condition. Is it only the Mexican Pings that need the time off? Thanks for helping the ignorant.:blush:
  10. boxofrain

    seed collecting, moral, legal, or either?

    Being new to this hobby, I have no insight as to the legality or morality of harvesting CP seeds from the wild. Can I get some input from Y'all? I can see issues and arguments arising from both sides of this. I would like to collect some (not for sale) but not sure if it is right or not. ???
  11. boxofrain

    dormancy time?

    is this the time I should move all my Pings to a lower shelf and withhold water? I know Mass told me something about Thanksgiving 'till Valentines......... Thanks for the help Folks!
  12. boxofrain

    what camera are you using?

    Well, I am asking because the Wife just told me I HAD TO GET a macro camera for the plants. (I believe she likes the Utric's as much as I do) I am not a photographer and need a fairly simple unit, digital of course. Please mention both pro's and con's if you will. Thanks for any help folks
  13. boxofrain

    Box's greenhouse

    I am no photographer, but here it is. 1st pic....do you have permission to enter the GH? Cyrus (the vyrus) keeps watch over the nep's. 2nd through 4th...general overview. 5th...N. Spectabilis x aristolochioides. 6th and 7th...new pings, thanks Mass! 8th...me baby Ceph with newly opened...
  14. boxofrain

    specialized pots

    I am looking for some designs for pots to grow utric's in. I wanted something more than the boring plastic we all use. I am talking with a very good potter out of Coos Bay Or. Something with the water tray built in. please post any and all suggestions you like. Drawings are even better...
  15. boxofrain

    removing pitchers

    I have a couple of newly acquired Neps. (less than 3 months) with pitchers that are fading . When is the best time to remove these? When they start to fade or after the entire pitcher has dried up? Thanks in advance
  16. boxofrain

    boxofrain's grow list

    Nepenthes; N. Sanguinea N. Maxima Giant Tentena N. Maxima x (Lowii x Ventracosa) N. Ventracosa N. Glabrata N. Rajah N. Spectabilis x Aristolochioides N. Ampullaria "harlequin" N. Ramispina N. Tentaculata N. Jacquelineae N. Fusca "flared peristiome" N. Bicalcerata "sarawak giant"...
  17. boxofrain

    red leaves

    How Y'all are!? I have a question about my Nepenthes maxima It is growing nicely now after one month in my care. Butt, the new leaves are a red color, very turgid and healthy looking otherwise. I am wondering if this is normal for new growth or is there something missing in my environment...
  18. boxofrain

    pottery sealer?

    I can't seem to find any at all in my remote li'l town. I want to use some of the terra cotta pots I have collected through the years for some of my CP's. I have browsed around the internet and the $ range is way variable from place to place. I am worried about the toxicicty of the cheaper...
  19. boxofrain

    seasonal light changes?

    Hope Y'all are enjoying the day! I have question about times for indoor lighting. As a "fish farmer", I would step up my lighting 1/2 hour every two weeks. From a 12 hour winter (most fish were tropical) to a 16 hour summer. Would this be correct for the Nepenthes as well? And just where is...
  20. boxofrain

    how to seal a bog?

    I am planning on building a bog for some of my Sarr's and Dew's. I want to use hypertuffa with a plastic mesh set inside (think rebar in concrete). As a builder of ponds and water features, I have a few old "coatings" that are pond/fish safe. Would these "rubberized" products be fine to use...