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  1. CP_dude

    I'm back!

    Hello everyone! Sorry i was away for so long, there was a lot going on with school and other stuff. hopefully i won't be away for so long again!
  2. CP_dude


    well, my S. Alata X minor was looking wonderfull...untill JUST NOW... it's leaves suddently wilted and turned soft... These are my first sarrs ever, but i'm thinking it's from todays heat wave coming in (it's supposed to hit 90's today.) i just threw a couple ice cubes in the water tray to...
  3. CP_dude

    ailing Hamata...any thoughts?

    The leaves are kinda yellowish and seem quite thin. it's environment has not changed since last fall...and it only made one pitcher since then...and it was quite big, but that was over 3 months ago... it has many pitcher buds...but none seem to want to pitcher anymore...:( i just sprayed it...
  4. CP_dude

    just some pics...

    got bored, decided to take some pics :) the first one is a N. Aristolochioides (it's kinda ill, anyone smart that may know what's wrong?) second is a dual capensis flower...thought it looked kinda cool :) 3rd are my finally adult cephs...YAY! 4th is my young N. Jacquelineae if you want i...
  5. CP_dude

    Bleeding Hamata?

    OK, so it's not exactly bleeding, but it is excreting a sticky liquid from the underside of the leaves...it's almost a clear/white color. Not only that, the leaves seem to be a light green, and it has stopped pitchering...again. It seems healthy and it making much larger leaves than what it...
  6. CP_dude

    20" T5s???

    Do they make 20" T5 or T8 tube lights??? my T12's kinda suck....lmao!
  7. CP_dude

    U. Sandersonii polination

    My U. Sandersonii has A LOT of flowers, but none of them seem to polonate...i tried to do it myself, but still no results...is there something special you have to do ???
  8. CP_dude

    live or die...you decide!

    Alright...i just discovered a small spider currently building a web inside my N. Hamata's new pitcher...i have already fertilized the pitcher with a large pinch of bloodworms... So i decided to let the people decide...let the spider live in the pitcher, or knock him in in a crule twist of...
  9. CP_dude

    New Hamata Pitcher!

    Yay! My hamata formed a non-deformed pitcher for the first time since the thripe infection! It just opened, so it's not all colored up yet, so i'll post more in a few days when it's fuly colored :) :boogie::boogie::boogie:
  10. CP_dude

    N. Rajah for trade

    decided to offer my N. Rajah for trade... i just don't have the humidity to keep it thriving here...so it's offered to anyone who can give it a good home :) I'm mostly looking for a N. Jacquelineae, N. Aristolochioides, or a larger sized N. ephippiata thanks for any offers :)
  11. CP_dude

    2 Month Update

    Well, since i have too much time on my hands and everyone here loves pictures, i decided to take pictures of all of my plants every 2 months and post them. The pictures are named by the date the pictures were taken, so you can look back at what they looked like 2 months ago! Cephs...
  12. CP_dude

    N. Rajah arrival

    My N. Rajah came today! thought i would post up some pics of it :) http://i214.photobucket.com/albums/cc9/CP-dude/Nepenthes%20Rajah/DSC_0054.jpg http://i214.photobucket.com/albums/cc9/CP-dude/Nepenthes%20Rajah/DSC_0052.jpg...
  13. CP_dude


    I'm pretty sure it's normal, but since i'm very protective of my plants, i thought i would post this. i noticed on all of my Nepenthes, they have either produced pitchers that are getting smaller and smaller with shortend life or the pitcher bud will just hang there and will not inflate at all...
  14. CP_dude

    N. Rajah

    Do you think my conditions are sutible to grow N. Rajah? My humidity is about 60-65% during the day, and jumps to 85-90% at night. The temps are about 60-65 during the day and about 55-65 at night.
  15. CP_dude


    So on friday i finally broke down and bought a camera, so i can finally share my collection with everybody :) My growing rack http://s214.photobucket.com/albums/cc9/CP-dude/Growing%20rack/ N. Alata 'Luzon' http://s214.photobucket.com/albums/cc9/CP-dude/Nepenthes%20Alata%20Luzon/ N. Hamata (my...
  16. CP_dude

    Looking for...

    I'm looking for some live Spaghnum moss... I just need a tiny bit so i can grow/propogate it PM me with an offer, thanks :) -Bruce
  17. CP_dude

    Looking for...

    N. Lowii... If you have one you are willing to trade take a look at my grow list and let me know if you are interested in anything, thanks!
  18. CP_dude

    Drosera binata ssp. dichotoma

    Drosera binata ssp. dichotoma is only supposed to fork 4 times fully grown right? cause i have one that forking 6 times, is that normal, or some kind of genetic fluke?
  19. CP_dude


    I have reason to believe....that my beloved N. Hamata...has thrips (silver streaks on leaves, silver streaks are kinda sticky, random brown spots on leaves, ect.) So i sent my mom out to get some Ortho, and i'm not sure if she got the right kind, the last thing i wanna do is spray my 100$ plant...
  20. CP_dude

    D. Graminifolia for trade

    It's kinda sick right now...I just can't provide enough light for it. If your interested PM me, I would preferably take a highland nepenthes, but I will take ne thing else of equal trade.