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  1. Randoja

    Cephalotus Phil Mann

    Looks good Randall, The mouth of the trap looks pretty close to the base size as well. It doesn't have as much of a taper as say a "Coal Mine Beach."
  2. Randoja

    Help with pest ID.

    I got it out on to a piece of paper and it ended up jumping. Thanks guys. Edit: I think you nailed it with those spotted ones.
  3. Randoja

    Help with pest ID.

    Here is my best profile shot of one. This is from the underside, cause it was crawling on the cup lid.
  4. Randoja

    Help with pest ID.

    I couldn't get any to jump. They definitely have 2 white spots on their abdomens though. I was able to get a really good look at one that I got to climb on to my scissors. One white spot on each side in the rear of it's black abdomen.
  5. Randoja

    Help with pest ID.

    Thanks for the input. That seems reasonable, they were mostly cruising around in the moss, and I didn't see any damage to the leaf pulls. It sure gets confusing when there are so many different kinds and they all look different. I've had the white/grey springtails, but never these black ones...
  6. Randoja

    Help with pest ID.

    I'm not 100% sure whether that is a spot on the butt area or reflection from the light.
  7. Randoja

    Help with pest ID.

    I found these bugs in a closed cup of ceph leaf pulls. The have a shiny black abdomen and 2 pretty good sized antenna compared to it's body. Small, like mite size, maybe slightly larger. Capable of decent speeds, faster than mites for sure.
  8. Randoja

    Big Box of Nepenthes Giveaway!!!

    Awesome! 1. Randoja
  9. Randoja

    Nepenthes Pollen Needed For Female N.singalana

    bical x singalana would sure be a nice looking cross.
  10. Randoja

    Sashoke's Picture Thread

    Plants are looking good Brian, nice work!
  11. Randoja

    Nepenthes bicalcarata 1 week away from blooming,

    Sweet! Good luck finding a baby momma.
  12. Randoja

    My CP Windowsill Exploits.

    Thanks Brian! It was sold to me as D. capensis "Baines Kloof." Thanks buddy, will do.
  13. Randoja

    My CP Windowsill Exploits.

    Hey hey, it's been a while since my last update. Here are some pics from my setup these days.
  14. Randoja


    I did cleans and stuff in HS but haven't ever gotten back into the Oly lifts.
  15. Randoja


    Hit a 300lb bench today, been wanting that for a while.
  16. Randoja

    Mato's Pic Thread.

    Very nice buddy!
  17. Randoja

    My first potential Heliamphora cultivar, candidates?

    When the plant names get edited so much, these threads get ridiculously confusing for people new to the hobby. It's really confusing to read one thing and see that it's been edited, and then read a debate on what it's actually called from numerous sources.
  18. Randoja

    Testing out the Beamworks LED Pent 36" HI Lumen Timer Ready 6500K on Cephalotus

    Been another week or so now. Here are some pics of my stuff under my 2 fixtures, running 13.5 hrs a day currently. I'm extremely pleased with these fixtures, and have done a lot of searching for 6500k LED fixture, the lumens per watt and per dollar in addition to the coverage area for these...