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  1. Nepfreak

    Old-timer just saying hi

    Yes, I remember you! We've followed similar paths actually -- I haven't grown seriously since graduating high school in 2011, and now I'm starting a masters in computational bio.
  2. Nepfreak

    Gmo nepenthes

    Already done!
  3. Nepfreak

    Drosera seed giveaway! and a trade list.

    Welcome to the forum! 1. PitcherPlantr 2. Dragoness - PM sent. 3. SFLguy - so it's either D. Filiformis or D. Hybrida? 4. ps3isawesome - ooooooo would love a filiformis!! thanks 5. Nepfreak Thanks for the offer. If chosen, SASE will contain a professional sketch of D. filiformis (or Hybrida)...
  4. Nepfreak

    Bursera fagaroides (elephant tree) seeds

    1. Subrosa- Looks like a good bonsai candidate. Thanks for the offer Ray! 2. Nepfreak- Thanks for the offer! I've never tried bonsais before but it's worth a shot.
  5. Nepfreak

    Radagast's Photo Thread

    Did you know that your D. adelae has U. livida growing in it? (the white flowers)
  6. Nepfreak

    Venus flytrap poaching bill

    Signed! I hope this effort succeeds. VFT poaching is a "Class Z" felony as far as I'm concerned.
  7. Nepfreak

    Looking for seeds of all kinds

    It's been a while since I've grown CPs, being in college and all, but I scored a single room next year and I'd like to get back into the hobby at a reasonable scale by germinating a few things (we'll see how long the "reasonable scale" thing lasts). I'm looking for seeds from the following...
  8. Nepfreak

    Free VFT seeds

    1) Nepfreak 2) 3) Thank you for this offer! I look forward to trying these out.
  9. Nepfreak

    Phill Mann - for you who know him

    I am deeply saddened to hear this. I hope that this month's NECPS newsletter can include a brief memorial and tribute to Phil - please PM me if you have any fond memories or condolences that you would like to share there. I know him only through attending talk on Cephalotus at ICPS in 2012, but...
  10. Nepfreak

    You know you're addicted to CPs when you...

    When your neighbors tell you that your 400 watt metal halide makes a nice night light for their kids. (Happened to me)
  11. Nepfreak

    Show us your....

    My pug at 3 months: Here she when she was a week or two old, with all her sisters. I can't even tell you which one she is. Want to guess?
  12. Nepfreak

    Hrm, browning of pygmies

    I grew roseanna about 3 inches away from T8 bulbs and they did great (see avatar). Browning isn't a problem, it happens gradually as they mature.
  13. Nepfreak

    why does my D. slackii look so terrible?

    Look closely and make sure there aren't any aphids on it. Otherwise, maybe too wet?
  14. Nepfreak


    Every educational institution in MA cancelled classes today... except Williams College. Guess where I go?
  15. Nepfreak

    Hello from Ithaca, NY and to all who attended the ICPS/NECPS conference 2012

    Welcome to the forum! I think we met, I'm Ben.
  16. Nepfreak

    Hi from Poland

  17. Nepfreak

    ICPS 2012 conference picture thread

    Whoops, my bad! Edited. Ha! See you there. Though if they do field trips, we'll have to watch out for feral wild pigs and saltwater crocodiles! :-O
  18. Nepfreak

    ICPS 2012 conference picture thread

    Ah man, I kind of wish I'd booked the night just so I could've joined in on the stalking :) . It was still awesome going around and looking at all the plants with you guys... like a TF picture thread in real life, with real-time talking instead of commentary! Hanging out with Jeremiah and...
  19. Nepfreak

    Macro photo of a harvestman

    I love your blog. Keep the photos coming!