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    Are you intreasted

    Hi guys would anyone be intrested(spelling) in paying for shipping for plants that I have. Because either I give away all the plants that I have or I through all my plants out. The plants will be given away for shipping charges only. Some plants are big so shipping will cost more then others. I...
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    Has this place changed

    I got a question I havent been active on these forums for quite a while so can anyone help get the answer to this question please. Can people sell plants on the forums? Thanks in advanced, eddited... No, you can't. Andrew
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    Cps have to go.

    I am getting rid of all of my cps. No more room for them. Lowland and highlands. Pm me if u want the list.
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    Harry potter and the order of the phoenix

    Yes... Today at midnight I got the new HP book. Have you?
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    My D. Spatulata had 3 flower stalks 2 made it and are startin flower the 3rd one was small and never got big and didn't produce floer, instead it grew a small spatulata on it. i will have pics ASAP.
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    Grow chamber

    Later on in the summer I am going to make a grow chamber. I am starting to plan it out right now. I want a regular chamber 3 feet wide, 4 feet high. I am trying to find what to make the plastic covering out of. Can I use thick plexi glass for the walls of the chamber with wood in the corners? So...
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    I finally got a Ceph. I am trying to find out if it is ok to pot them in a peat moss, perlite mix. I am going out later to look for some sand. But will the potting mix be ok for the ceph? Thanx for anyones help who answeres. Phil
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    S. judith hindle

    Well I got the bulbs from the PFT sale they are doing great. I got one question I put the S. Judith Hindle into highland and it started to pitcher the pitcher has been open for a week and 1/2. It dosn't have another pitcher coming up for some reason. Should the Judith Hindle be grown in lowland...
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    Polyplod makes the plants speed up and the plant starts to make extra sets of chromosomes. Does anyone know any chemicals to make the Cps do this and are the chemicals and this process ok for Cps?
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    Nep theory

    This is my theory on nep's. When a leaf grows from the growth point it has another baby leaf in it. The leaf that opened up that had the baby leaf in it starts to make a pitcher on it. Th baby leaf that was inside the opened leaf openes up with a baby leaf in it, when the 3rd leaf openes up, the...
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    I asked a lady if I could get a ctrting at the store. I got one, I really dont know what kins a cactus it is, it had a red looking ball on it sort of. Ans little kind of balls growing on it. The lady who wates them pinched of a little red circle thing and gave it to me. Should plant the cutting...
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    Cobra lilly

    Can you guys tell me how you grow your Cobra lillys. I just bought mine at Lowes it was really cheap it was like 3 bucks. So can you guys tell me everything I need to know abot this plant. --Phil
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    Highland tank

    If I take tap water ice cubes and put them in a cup and put them in the tank well evaporation take place and make the melted ice which is made out of tap water be on the leafs and damage the plants a little?
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    N. amp

    How long does it take for a N. Amp to get out of a shipping shock. And how many pitchers does it make a month estimate. Thanx--Phil
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    Is it okay to put tap watr into your humidifer?
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    N. maxima boroneo

    I got a N. Maxima Boroneo a month ago. I just want to make sure about something not a lot of people I have talked to know about this species. I am treating it as a highland wich most Maxima's are but is it best grown as a intermedia. Can someone help me out. Please tell me how much water this...
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    N. tobica

    I have a N. Tobica with 3 basal shots and I want to separte them, how do I seprate them? I just repotted the whole plant yesterday,the biggest basal shoot is 3inches acroos, how big do they have to be in order to divide them?
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    I took cuttings from all growing points. Will they start to grow again from the growing points?
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    Mini greenhouse

    I bought another 2 tier mini greenhouse today, since I am going to be using both of the selfs know I need to put in lights into the bottom shelf which is in the mini greenhouse. My question is if I put lights into the greenhouse itself and attach it to the shelf will the get over heated and blow...
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    This is great sarr, superthriev