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    Gemmae 3-pack: D. sargentii, D. paleacea, D. leucoblasta

    1. SgtSarracenia 2. Satanas- Thank you! 3. zsyxcbibi, Thank you, they look really awesome! 4. aerogrower..thank you and I would definitely need heat pack brr. 5. patrickntd - Thank you very much. They look great! 6. SerMuncherIV 7. Venwu225, I would like to enter please. 8. Roadhawk911 9...
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    Knuckles' Best - Can-O-Sunshine

    Wow, that's a really cool DIY project. I can't help but chuckle at your first picture of the can of sunlight :) I got a tank recently so this might be a great setup for it. Thank you! 1. Sashoke - Wow thanks so much for doing this Knuckles, I think this might be the best giveaway ive seen on...
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    Drosera capensis - Giant Form - Seeds For Trade

    Would you be interested in Allium christophii seeds? Quite dramatic flowers. I know it's not CP, but it's something not on your list :) My
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    SASE: Drosea intermedia Seed

    1) Fatbunny - thank you, Eric! This would be awesome for my summer internship at school :)
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    Fresh Nepenthes seed giveaway!

    1.)Dexenthes <3 2.) hcarlton 3.) Eric_N Thank you, Zu! o3o 4.) Knuckles - 5.) RandyS Thank You, Zu and Dexenthes! 6.) Fatbunny - big thank you both of you! 7.) 8.) 9.) 10.) 11.) 12.) 13.) 14.) 15.) 16.) 17.) 18.) 19.) 20.) 21.) 22.) 23.) 24.) 25.) 26.) 27.) 28.) 29.) 30.) 31.)
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    Giveaway: Terrestrial Utricularia variety pack (4)

    1. Ngantnier-thanks! 2. patrickntd - Thank you! 3. Collin, thanks! 4. STpMan - very nice, thanks 5. SFLguy 6. Knuckles - Great variety Thx! 7. afrodisa -Thanx 8. DragonsEye -- nice variety! Very kind offer! 9. SerMuncherIV - thanks a ton, rare opportunity! 10. charlie - everybody help spread...
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    Seed Giveaway: Drosera burmannii

    1.SnapTrap23: Awesome Giveaway 2. Ngantnier-Been wanting to try this or sesilfolia for a while now thanks! 3.Eyeofheru: Thank you. 4. SFLguy - Thanks for the opportunity! 5.Zerokool - Thank you! 6. savagegarden - thanks! 7. Darlantin - Thank you! 8. Incognito - Thanks! 9. Knuckles - Very...
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    Jeremiah Harris greenhouse (Colorado) visit/plant exchange

    Wow, great idea on the community pool with the tarp like that! Very nice looking! Thanks for sharing the pictures.
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    Utricularia and Drosera giveaway

    Package 1 1. charlie - goodluck everybody 2. RyanG 3.Tony Thomas - I miss those pretty little Utric blooms! 4. Radagast (2nd choice) 5. jinscott 6. savagegarden - awesome giveaway! 7. patrickntd - Thank you. 8. Fatbunny - love the utricularia, thanks! Package 2 1. charlie - thankyou! 2. RyanG...
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    S. rubra ssp jonesii seed SASE

    Mine arrived safely too. Thank you ver much!
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    d scorpioides giveaway

    1. Ps3isawesome, have been wanting this for so long! thanks1 2. Jwalker 3. Fatbunny - thanks! Will you trade for non-cp too?
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    Sarracenia and VFT give away (three winners)

    1. David F 2. savagegarden - i have some d. scorpioides to give away 3. sgtsarracenia - I have a few seed grown complex Sarrs that I could do something with lol 4. patrickntd - I have some warm temperate or Mexican pings to give away. Thank you. 5.dozer1028. Pure s.oreophila seedlings. USA.ONLY...
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    [LF] any sarracenia giveaways for an outdoor grow

    Makes me want to move to Portland too :D It's awesome that the group is so sharing.
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    Heirloom CP?

    Well, this is going to be a newbie-ish question. I've been wondering if there is such a thing as'heirloom' carnivorous plant? I think heirloom is defined as a plant passing down through generations and before the 1950s when commercial hybridization took off. If Darwin wrote about CPs in 1875...
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    Free grape hyacinth bulbs

    I have a bunch of super healthy and productive clumps of grape hyacinths. They are very easy to grow, nice grasslike foliage with deep blue flowers, great for edging, pots, or inter planting with tulips, hyacinths etc, overwinter in the snow easily and are one of the first bulbs to flower when...
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    N. "Sabre" x ventricosa seed giveaway

    1. Dionae thanks! 2. Dozer1028. Yeah buddyyyy 3. NatchGreyes - Great!! 4. Ngantnier thanks! 5. Aerogrower.. Thanks x2! 6. Tower- Thansk!!!!!! 7. Planturd - eggssalllent 8. SerMuncherIV - Great opportunity, thanks! 9. Eric-Thanks! 10. vbkid-thanks for these chances! 11. hcarlton 12. Fatbunny -...
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    S. rubra ssp jonesii seed SASE

    Small 1. Tje25- thanks a lot! 2. CorneliusSchrute! 3.dozer1028.thank you 4. Dragonseye - I'll give it a go ... thanks! 5. vbkid- Thanks for the opportunity! 6. SerMuncherIV - Thanks for the chance! 7. Calfanator 8. Savagegarden - thanks! 9. planturd thanks 10. goods- thanks! 11. Fatbunny - Oops...
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    Rhizome rot

    I just saw this experiment with the juice from the adult leaves of the succulent Senecio serpens to treat the rot by Nelio Freitas on the ICPS Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ICPScarnivorousplantforum/ Worth a try?
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    Ceph with coffee

    Interesting! How diluted was the coffee?
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    Water filtration in greenhouse

    Thanks for the fun analogy, Fred! I didn't think there would a difference in terms of caught bug size for pings, dews and sarracenias, but then I did hear sarracenia can prey on frogs. Guess I'll bring in the drosera and check the particulate level then.