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    Need help ID'ing some succulents!

    Supplemental light doesn't have to be complicated, but for succulents inside, I've found it to be necessary. I like these inexpensive clamp on work lights, which I use with 13 and 23 watt daylight CFLs. You can see the edge of one of the larger ones to the right of the ponytail palm.
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    I've been working on this all winter and I'm amazed nothing died!

    I think your unknown haworthia in the first set is Haworthia reinwardtii var. brevicula. Good looking plants. I'm just a tad too much farther north than you to be able to plant out most of my succulents. I'd love to do that, though.
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    Is it ever really winter indoors?

    I live in Arkansas in zone 7b, which means with the exception of a few sedums and Sempervivum spp., I have to grow the succulents I like indoors. All the plant care stuff I've read says to decrease watering in the winter. I usually water my succulents every two weeks, and the soil is...
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    ID Please?

    It's haworthia. Not sure which one. They are great plants. Very easy as long as you keep them on the dry side, let the water drain completely when you water them, and if growing indoors, they do great about 8-10" under a 13 watt CFL. Reddening means they are getting really intense light. It...
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    Aloe help

    Top of frame, red circle. And the others like it. That's what I mean by crisp. What kind of cactus is that?
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    Aloe help

    Given the other crisp looking leaves on neighboring plants, I was going to suggest underwatering. Are the white rocks top dressing or the potting medium?
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    Cacti in the greenhouse

    Where are you going to put the Saguaro when it grows up to its giant self?
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    What a difference a year makes

    At first I thought this was a euphorbia - pencil cactus. I had it outside for a couple of years, then brought it in and put it under the lights with some of the other succulents. And realized it was rhipsalis instead of a euphorbia. Then... <center><a...
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    What a difference a year makes

    Aloe ciliaris is one of the fastest growing aloes around, and it makes pups fairly easily. I didn't have any idea how fast it would shoot up when I got it. You can top them, and plant the top, but if you let them keep growing, you eventually have to stake it. I've done that now, and it grows...
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    What a difference a year makes

    I got it at a little nursery on the side of the road. I had stopped for gas and decided to go in.
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    What a difference a year makes

    Then: 7/22/13 Now: 7/12/14 Beaucarnea recurvata 'ponytail palm' <center><a href="http://s3.photobucket.com/user/sharpchick/media/Garden/Succulents%20then%20and%20now/ponytailpalm063013.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img...
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    Having issues looking for soil

    You can buy gallon ziploc bags of mix from California Carnivores.
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    winter growing sundew question

    D. intermedia dies back to the crown in my mini bog, but comes back in the spring.
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    Should I stake it? If yes, how?

    Thanks for the suggestions.
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    Should I stake it? If yes, how?

    Good idea. Thanks for the link.
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    Should I stake it? If yes, how?

    Last May, I bought this interesting aloe at Lowe's - it was in a 3 inch pot and was already 5.5" tall. I got it home and got to looking and found out it was a. ciliaris (and I think it's a. ciliaris var. tidmarshii, because the teeth go all the way to the base of the leaf). And that it would...
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    Me and My Collection of Spiny Little Friends

    How cool! Do you have a greenhouse for winter?
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    Pygmy Sundews +

    What I see is a bunch of "Sorry. This person moved or deleted this image."
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    How fast does that 'Pickled Pink' grow? I just got one at Home Depot.
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    Winter Casualties

    What a difference a few hundred miles makes, huh?