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    Putting together a grow tent

    Hi all, I'm switching to White LED's in a 32"x32"x63" Nepenthes grow tent and purchased two Yescom 225 White LED panels. From everything I read, I can't determine if this will be overkill, or not enough? Should I mix it up with supplemental red/blue LED's, or is white fine by itself?
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    N. Spathulata x Hamata on back porch

    I have had this Spathulata x Hamata on my back porch for the past month, or so. Was initially kind of apprehensive of placing it outside in the summer heat (Virginia), but it seems to be thriving. It get about 4-5 hours of direct light a day. The pitcher to leaf ratio is pretty nice on this hybrid.
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    Long Time

    Hey everyone, I just recently got back into the hobby. I was around last in the days of the CP email Listserv and Webring. In the early 2000's life happened and I sold off my collection before a move. Anyhow, earlier this year I decided to plant a fruit garden in my backyard (mostly melons and...