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    Is it ever really winter indoors?

    I live in Arkansas in zone 7b, which means with the exception of a few sedums and Sempervivum spp., I have to grow the succulents I like indoors. All the plant care stuff I've read says to decrease watering in the winter. I usually water my succulents every two weeks, and the soil is...
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    What a difference a year makes

    Then: 7/22/13 Now: 7/12/14 Beaucarnea recurvata 'ponytail palm' <center><a href="http://s3.photobucket.com/user/sharpchick/media/Garden/Succulents%20then%20and%20now/ponytailpalm063013.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img...
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    Should I stake it? If yes, how?

    Last May, I bought this interesting aloe at Lowe's - it was in a 3 inch pot and was already 5.5" tall. I got it home and got to looking and found out it was a. ciliaris (and I think it's a. ciliaris var. tidmarshii, because the teeth go all the way to the base of the leaf). And that it would...
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    Do I need to repot?

    The crowns of the d. capensis narrow leaf plants look high. I remove dead leaves. Do I need to repot these to bring the crowns closer to the potting medium? <a href="http://s3.photobucket.com/user/sharpchick/media/Garden/122513dcapensisnarrowleaf.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img...
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    help with plant ID please - crassula ovata undulata?

    Bought this from a little one owner nursery this week while traveling for work. I asked the owner what type of succulent it was and she said, Europa. I asked her to spell it just in case I was misunderstanding her. E U R O P A. I said huh, it looks kind of like a jade plant. Yes, she said...
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    How much light for Graptoveria amethorum?

    I've read enough about the light requirements for this plant to be totally confused. Right now it's in its own pot, so I don't kill it in a too-much or not-enough light combo. It's inside and off to the side of a grow light in a dry terrarium. I'd love to keep it outside, as I understand it's...
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    I believe I got a two-fer

    I've watched as my s. leucophylla 'red ruffles' put on more pitchers, and wondered what else I was seeing. I believe I got a bonus when I bought this plant. A sundew. This looks like my temperate drosera intermedia growing practically on top of the sarr. Do I have to separate them? Am I...
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    My new VFTsa

    My new VFTs King Henry Green Dragon Low Giant They are in a mini bog with two temperate sundews. ETA: can someone please get rid of the "a" a the end of the thread title? Can't see how to do it myself...
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    Can you ID this one?

    I'm referring to the pink ones around the edge of the pot. I think it may be Graptosedum 'California Sunset,' but am not sure. I know the center plants are Senecio mandraliscae 'Kleinia,' and will outgrow the pot. I also know they need more hours of sunlight than they are getting.
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    What a difference a month makes

    I planted these succulent pots on May 2. I'm pleased with the growth so far. We've had a very rainy May and above average rain. The hens and chicks will stay out this winter. But the other two pots will have to come inside, because if my IDs are correct, only the sedum in this first pot...
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    If not a bog or mini bog, then how do you overwinter?

    I'll probably be a pest with questions and hope you'll indulge me. I'm starting into this new area of gardening with sarracenia. I've gardened with terrestrial plants all my adult life, gotten into water gardening in the last decade (initially through planted freshwater aquaria), and now am...
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    New to carnivorous plants - how much water for pitcher plants?

    I decided to start with pitcher plants in a container bog. I'm using a heavyweight plastic pot 16 inches high with a 14 inch diameter at the top. (It tapers down to about 10 inches in diameter.) I used a 50/50 mix of peat and play sand, which I mixed, watered and let sit in the pot for about...