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    checking in!

    Hey thanks for the replies jimscott: haha alan is still around too, and i force him to grow some plants in his room lol. he did have a couple of petiolaris complex drosera, but unforunately they died randomly after like a year. hes really into guitar now; not as much juggling though we still do...
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    checking in!

    Hi, just checking in after like 1 or 2 years of not posting. I hope some of you remember me. I talked to plantakiss on aim and caught up a bit on the cp community but im still really curious whats been going on. As for me, I'm sorry to say that most of my collection died. I really don't know...
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    quick question

    well me and the person who gave it to me deflasked it. So they weren't hardened. He had deflasked another one last week- said it started growing again in a week, which was pretty nice i guess.
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    quick question

    yeah some people dont like them for some reason The good thing about them is they get pretty hot in a small area, so good for lowlands and tropical drosera.
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    quick question

    Well I usually remember them being HD... but its those flourescent lights that twist around so both ends are on one thing that you can screw into something. Wattage? I'm not sure but its the biggest one at home depot.
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    quick question

    Hi everyone, been a while since I posted. Anyway-- update. My MONSTER byblis liniflora is doing nicely, the other one died but it left its seed. Hopefully its offspring will inherit its weird traits Ok... here's the question. Recently was given 4 drosera falconeri. FOC (fresh out of tissue...
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    relatively urgent question

    yeah. I have these two "Byblis liniflora" (ICPS seedbank), but they grow completely different- They have multiple growth points they've lived for quite a while (since june) They have around 10+ flowers open each, one has 12 They don't make seed on their own. They used to (I got about 20) but...
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    D.petiolaris Complex

    I grow mine on a windowsill with a glass dome, and it does great.
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    d. neocaledonica

    Oh! Thanks a ton.. I never knew that...
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    d. neocaledonica

    Here's my neocaledonica a month after I got it Here it is two weeks ago The obvious problem was light, so I moved it outside. It's beginning to get a lot of red coloring, but isn't nearly what it once looked like. It is always in warm weather (90 or so thanks to this heat wave), high...
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    Snakes on a Plane

    People will spend a fortune to hear samual jackson say the word "mother****er"
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    Like ozzy said, firefox is the solution to this. IE is horrible
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    never assume anything is dead

    amazing! Be sure to post a pic once the growth gets really tall from there. I'm sure it will look interesting..
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    Coloring on green ampullaria

    haha yeah. Still weird though, I hope we can figure out what happened exactly. For the record, the plant was a great deal and it came with a 7 inch diameter
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    Coloring on green ampullaria

    Not at all, though it is worth noting that the pitcher with the spots is one of the closest to the lights. Here's a "fun fact" about my amp: It actually originally WAS supposed to be spotted. When dean shipped me it, I thought he screwed up on my order. For the 2 years (approx) that I've had...
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    Coloring on green ampullaria

    It does it on its own, or if the top part is doing poorly (like if you cut it off) I believe it will as well. Basal growth is a normal thing for amp though.
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    Warped, twisted leaves?

    Good job, I'll remember this the next time I get some of those bugs.
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    Coloring on green ampullaria

    Hello::: My ampullaria has produced a very odd pitcher. It's a green form, and it has made a spotted pitcher. I can't say for sure if it has always been spotted or not, as I don't keep a close observation on all of its many traps. What has been the cause of this oddity? (added): I just...
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    Starting sundews from seed

    Better safe thansorry? Also you might consider individual trays for the pots, less evaporation, more control of where you put them.
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    tendrils growing out of nodes seems abnormal to me, since they normally form at the ends of leaves. Nodes usually sprout new growth points. IF you have new growth points coming out of nodes, that's a good thing.