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  1. huy716

    Looking For (trade) Looking for Dragons

    Hi there, This may be a long shot, but I will give a try here because I know this is only place that could help me. I am looking for some TC Exotica plants that was released more than 10 yrs ago, the N. 'Red Dragon', Marbled Dragon, 'Black Dragon', and any other Dragon series. They can be rooted...
  2. huy716

    Looking for D. regia

    I am looking for a good size D. regia. I have the following plants for trade. All of them are rooted cutting. Please pm me and I do consider other trades option like pings. Ventricosa x aristo female Ventricosa x ovata Thorellii x aristolochiodes male Maxima x tm Maxima x (lowii x ventricosa)...
  3. huy716

    Nepenthes for micro mini orchid

    I am looking for a Lepanthes telipogoniflora. I have some nepenthes for trade. These are rooting cuttings/ basals N. lowii x campanulata N. ventricosa x aristo N. thorellii x aristo N. ventricosa x spectabilis N. spathulata x hamata Pm me for photo and offers.
  4. huy716

    N. bongso seeds for trade

    I have 1 pod (~50 or more) of bongso seeds for trade I am looking for P. laueana or P. emarginata. Please PM me if interested.
  5. huy716

    Looking for some VFT

    Hi all, I have a ventricosa x aristo (female) rooted cutting and a lowii x campanulata (female) for trade. I am looking for some VFT cultivars. Please pm me if interested. 'Maroon Monster' 'Low Giant' 'Black Star' 'Big mouth'
  6. huy716

    Tulip bulbs for trade

    My friends just gave me a bunch of tulip bulbs and I don't have the room to plant them all. Instead of letting them rot away, I thought I would trade them away. I don't know what kind or colors they are. I am trying to rebuilt my small sundew collection. I am looking for looking for D. capensis...
  7. huy716

    LF singalana and ovata

    I am looking for medium size of these 2 plants. What I have for trade. Lrg lowii x campanulata unknown sex N. [truncata x (northiana x veitchii)] x ephippiata 5-6" across N. glandulifera x (eymae x veitchii) 3-4" across N. maxima- Sulawasi x lowii Kinabalu 3-4" across N. eymea x ephippiata 5-6"...
  8. huy716

    Looking for mature size VFTs

    I am looking for mature Dente VFT or other giant VFT, except B-52, in the San Jose area for a school project for my son's project. I prefer to step by and pick it up because i will need them within the next 2 weeks, so no time for shipping and recovery. All I grow are nepenthes so these are the...
  9. huy716

    LLF N. albomarginata "purple"

    I am looking for a rooted cutting or at 5-6" across size plant of the purple/ black form. Here are the list of plants for trade to chose from: N. ventricosa x aristo 8" tall rooted cutting (female) N. [truncata x (northiana x veitchii)] x ephippiata 5-6" across N. glandulifera x (eymae x...
  10. huy716

    Looking for psygmorchis pusilla

    I am looking for this wonderful mini orchid. I am about to divide my two Neofinetia know as: Neofinetia 'Amanogawa' Neo. 'kisui' PM if interested Jeff
  11. huy716

    Cephalotus 'Czech Giant' and 'Eden Black'

    I am looking for two of these clones. If you don't see what you like, we can work something out. I have for trade are: N. aristo N. lowii x campanulata (large plant) N. lowii x talagensis N. lowii x truncata-red N. lowii x maxima-sarawak N. vent x tentaculata (large 2ft) N. 'Sabre' (rooted...
  12. huy716

    Looking for N. hamata

    I will try my luck here and need your help to fine a N. hamata around 3in diameter. I have to for trades: N. aristo (2in dia) N. lowii x talangensis N. lowii x fusca N. 'Sabre' rooted cutting N. maxima x izumea (LRG) N. vent x aristo (rooted cutting) N. vent x ovata (rooted cutting) N...
  13. huy716

    Anyone experience this?

    Has anyone here ever experienced plants inside their greenhouse being dug up or the soil are all messed up? I had this problem since this summer. I open my greenhouse's vent in the summer and I came into my greenhouse the next day to find my plant soil got dug up and all over the place. At first...
  14. huy716

    Trading chain

    It is getting a bit over grown in my greenhouse. I want to give new grower a chance to get more plants, let start a chain of give away. Here are the rules: 1. If you post that you take a plant, you need to have plant/cutting of equal value to give back for the next person. For example, if I...
  15. huy716

    for trade N. spathulata x bongso

    I have a six inch spathulata x bongso for trade. This plant get really dark in bright light and have wide peristome. I am looking for N. diatas. Please pm
  16. huy716

    N. aristo for trade

    I have a small healthy aristo for trade. The plant is around 3-4 inches in diameter. I am looking for a N. hamata. Please pm me.
  17. huy716

    N. Griffin(The Griffin $13)

    N. Griffin is complex hybrid between N.(thorelii x (northiana x maxima)) x (spectabilis x veitchii). The pitcher become pink and some stripping on the peristome. The leaves also turn reddish orange in bright light. Shipping is $7 U.S. only Starting $ 8
  18. huy716


    N. izumiae x maxima maxima x tm older pitcher new pitcher (veitchii x lowii) x spectabilis vent x angasenesis veitchii x izumiae (lowii x veitchii) x boschiana ventricosa x ovata vent x talangensis hiding campanulata x (spect x talangesis) Lady Pauline spect x aristo...
  19. huy716

    N. Kindness(flasker $10)

    Interesting shape like kampotiana, and vigorous with spectabilis coloring. Shipping is $7 U.S. Only Starting at $5
  20. huy716

    N. ventricosa (CP30 - $5)

    This is a seed-grown ventricosa. Shipping is $7 U.S. Only Starting bid: $5