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  1. dustin

    Looking For (To Buy) Drosera Capensis Seeds

    Looking to buy a large quantity of drosera capensis seeds. These can be mixed or labeled. Preferably as a lot of 500+ if possible. Thanks! Sent from my SM-G988U using Tapatalk
  2. dustin

    Looking For (trade) Neps,pings

    Neps,pings, some non-cps. Hi, Check out my grow / want list. Below are some N. Ventrata, EE 'Mayan Mask', Portora, and some succulents. (I know the dirt is pretty wet, we've been getting a lot of rain.) Open to offers, send me a pm Sent from my SM-G935P using Tapatalk (trying this app...
  3. dustin

    I'm getting old, but I'm back!

    Hi! I don't know how many of you remember me, but I'm back! I used to be very active on this forum but became less active here once college started. I'm not finishing my last year at RIT studying international business and information technology. I also spent a tiny (a lot) to start up my new...
  4. dustin

    TF meets Extreme Couponing

    Hey TF, Well over the passed five years I've been growing carnivorous plants, and participating regularly on the forum; however, I have had to decrease my cp hobby, in addition to my poison dart frog hobby, as I make my move into college life. I would like to share with you my new hobby :D...
  5. dustin

    Amorphophallus Konjac bloom

    Hey everyone! Here's my little a. Konjac bloom. It smells awful I may have underestimated it. Hope they're clear, I took them with my itouch. My dogs checking it out haha I believe it's a little bloom... Base to tip 32.25" Flower 19" Width 6"
  6. dustin

    55 gallon PDF Vivarium build

    Hey everyone, :D Well i decided poison dart frogs will be going into the 55 gallon fish tank. At the moment it's currently under construction. For the drainage layer i will be using the egg crate method. Any tips and tricks for the background would be great. I'm not sure how i want to do it...
  7. dustin

    looking for vivarium plants/decor

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for some vivarium plants for my soon to be poison dart frog tanks. I'm interested in starts/established plants or cuttings of...(parentheses particular ones, but i'm looking for others too) Plants: Pepperomia easy growing orchids Utricularia (longifolia, etc) Small...
  8. dustin

    What to start? Poison darts/aquarium...

    Hey everyone!!! Long time no see, hope everyone's doing well. After cleaning my room, i now have a 20gallon long tank and a 30 gallon tank and i'm wondering what i should put in them??? I also have a 55gallon downstairs. Here's some of the things i was thinking of in no particular order...
  9. dustin

    unknown EE SASE

    Hello i have an unknown all green elephant ear for SASE its about 7" tall or so, or i can cut it back fo ryou ships bareroot first come first serve $7 shipped with leaves $5 cut back a little to fit into small flat rate box thanks dustin
  10. dustin

    few basic sarrs sase

    Hey i have like 3 sarrs i think im gona sase out of my collection. all are growing ok. 1 s. rubra (sized 3-4in pot) 1 s. judith hindle (sized 3-4in pot) 1 s. flava (sized 4-5in pot) shipping is $7 each, $1.50 each additional.... 1 plant= $7 2 plants= $8.50 3(or all) plants= $10 Shipped...
  11. dustin

    amorphophallus konjac available

    hey everyone, my konjacs went into dormancy early this year so i have quite a few small corms for trade. I'm mainly looking for nepenthes and can trade multiple or larger corms for some nepenthes. Also looking for other amorphophallus, alocasia, colocasia, and maybe even some cacti/succulents...
  12. dustin

    Photography-pics-choosing a camera

    Hey everyone, well i would really like to purchase a SLR camera but I would like some input on what you all use. Here were the brands i was looking into canon- I know its a good brand i personally have an old version powershot g3 nikon- i heard it has takes really great macros and has tons of...
  13. dustin

    little hitchhiker amoung pymies

    =====amoung ↑ fail lol Hey, i also have an unknown hitchhiker been in the pot forever, and wondering if it's just something i should pull out or let it grow? did get repotted yesturday thanks
  14. dustin

    Seed Swap

    Hey everyone, just updated my SEED BANK let me know if you see anything you like. I'm interested in... yellow summer squash bell peppers carnivorous plant seeds whatever you think id be interested in :D SEED BANK: ALL SEED AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST =seed origin is from all different...
  15. dustin

    Purslane herb SASE/trade

    Hey, i have so much purslane growing in the garden and i think im the only one that eats it every now and then. but i know i have extra. I'm not sure if its a perennial or not because it didn't come up last year but did this year, because we tilled the dirt. So not sure on that. Its a pretty...
  16. dustin

    Anyone have N. truncata?

    Hello, I'm looking for 1 maybe more truncata's, i did lose mine last year do to a squirrel or chipmunk that decided it would chew and rip it apart.... If anyone has one let me know and we can try to work out a trade or something, looking for anysizes, I'd like highlanders, but i've heard...
  17. dustin

    Vegetable garden '10

    Well we cleared out our vegetable area again, and i just finished racking out all crap i could (rocks, clumps of grass etc.) it's probably i think what i measured last year 18ftx20ft. Is anyone else starting a vegetable garden? love to see what you all are growing, this year i hope to plant...
  18. dustin

    Drosera Natalensis winner flytraplady5 $5

    Well i think I'm going to throw in a couple more Drosera Natalensis Plants :D Winner gets 3 Quarter sized seed grown plants, potted(3"pot) or unpotted, their choice This is not for the entire pot Winner Pays shipping You will get 3 of the largest from this pot Depending on how high bidding...
  19. dustin

    Are these daphnia?

    Ok, i have a large bin of water in which i was going to propagate aquatic plants in. at the moment its in the house and i might be moving it outside or dumping it, but at the moment its serving as a live food culture for my bettas. In the beginning i walked by and noticed mosquito larvae. I...
  20. dustin

    Lot of Common Daylilies winner Ozzy $2