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  1. land_pro

    my newest pepper seeds

    I just picked up some white habanero seeds. Does anybody have any experience growing these?
  2. land_pro

    rhode island flower show

    So I had decided yesterday that I'm going to the flower and landscape show since I haven't been for about 8 years now. I'm a landscaper and love going to these kinds of things because on the middle of winter they remind me that spring is coming. Well about 10 minutes ago I was on its website...
  3. land_pro

    some mylar equivalent material

    I had purchases a roll of mylar and have to much for myself. The roll is two fewer wide and I can cut it to any length you need. I got it for a pretty good price so I wouldn't be asking for any extravagant trade. Pm me if interested with the square footage you want and what you would trade in...
  4. land_pro

    question about nepenthes seedlings

    Hey everyone‚ So I'm doing my first attempt at growing neps from seed. I sowed N. Ventricosa seeds in the beginning of December and started seeing germination halfway through January. I have been looking online at photos of NEP babies and can't find any that look like what I have. All of...
  5. land_pro

    d. sessifolia

    Hey everybody I'm look for either plants or seeds. If anybody has either let me know what you would wanna trade for them. Thanks
  6. land_pro

    question about my ventrata

    I don't know if i link this right. My question is do you think that I could cut seperate the shoot thats coming up and have a new plant? I'm still kinda new to the neps so any help would be welcome.
  7. land_pro

    dormancy of sarracenia

    Hey everybody, About 7 weeks ago I put my Sarracenia's into dormancy. They are in my basement with minimal light, temps at 50 degrees f., and soil just moist. Most of them have started sending up flower stalks early and I still have about 2 months of freezing weather up here. I do have an...
  8. land_pro

    awesome feeling of donating.....

    So I had extra sarracenia seed and thought to myself "I should donate these seeds to the ICPS since I order alot of seeds from them at blowout prices." So I emailed John at the seedbank wondering if he was intrested and asked him to tell me everything I could do to make it less work on his end...
  9. land_pro

    Changed my trade offering into a drawing everybody. Had a change of heart for people

    I'm gunna turn this into a drawing. You can put your names down for both lists if intrested. I will use random.org on saturday night at 8pm eastern time. And like I normaly do, I will cover shipping to the winners. D. Spatulata 1. 2. 3. ect.... D. Dielsiana 1. 2. 3. ect... Goodluck everybody
  10. land_pro

    two packets of drosera seeds up for trade

    I just got done harvesting some seed and have the following up for trade. D. Spatulata about 50 seeds in the packet D. Dielsiana about 75 seeds in the packet I'm intrested in sundews that aren't in my growlist. Any intrest?
  11. land_pro


    Hey everybody, I'm looking to get some gemmae and would be open to trade for some if anybody has any. I'm trying to get into the pygmys. I have to update my grow list so you know what i have to offer
  12. land_pro

    D. Capensis 'Alblino' seed drawing

    I just harvested my seed pod from a D. Capensis 'albino' this morning and got about 50 seeds. I'm going to do a drawing for the seeds. I'm going to make two packets of seed out of them. The set-up will be as follows. Make a list in numerical order of people whom are intrested. The offer is...
  13. land_pro

    my newest find on lighting

    So I was walking around my local wal-mart and ventured into the lighting department. As I was looking around I came across so florescent lights designed to be mounted under kitchen cabinets. As I looked at the packaging I saw that you can very easily wire them inline and had an idea. The housing...
  14. land_pro

    my newest seed order

    Hey everybody, I just ordered some seeds from the icps. How does the list sound to you guys for only costing $48.00? (Drosophyllum lusitanicum (Nepenthes ventricosa) (Sarracenia oreophila (Sarracenia leucophylla -- Baldwin Co., AL) (Sarracenia alabamensis (Drosera...
  15. land_pro

    can anybody help me with my want list?

    Hey guys, I'm trying to fill my cape sundew list and would like to see if anybody can help me. I have: Drosera capensis Typical (x5) Drosera capensis 'Albino' (x1) (Had)Drosera capensis 'All Red' I'm looking for: Drosera capensis 'All Red' Drosera capensis 'Bains Kloof' Drosera capensis...
  16. land_pro

    D. Capensis flowering question.

    Hey guys, I was wondering if a D. Capensis 'Alba' seed will come true to type from seed? I have a flower stalk thats blooming and have been keeping it so no other sundew in the area is blooming, as to keep the air free of pollen. I was just wondering if that would help make the viable seed...
  17. land_pro

    my nep?

    I have a hybrid nep, and remember that the person I got it from said that it was a highland. Well I forgot about it all summer here in massachusetts and all of a sudden this cutting is thriving. No water or anything, in my greenhouse, and it is thriving. Any ideas from the terra people...
  18. land_pro

    my greenhouse has a new mascot

    So the other day i was walking in my greenhouse looking at my plants and heard a "kaploosh" in my sarr's water basin. I was looking around in it and found a baby bullfrog. He has been in there for like 3 days and will now allow me to feed him and doesn't hide when I go in there. The wierdest...
  19. land_pro

    ghost chili was murdered

    So i just had a monsoon come through my area and one of my ghost chili plants got snapped at the root flare. I think the "stump" might send up new growth, but was wondering if anybody has ever taken cuttings and got them to root? I have all of the top growth and believe that I could possibly...
  20. land_pro

    posting pics?

    How do i go about getting unblocked on uploading attachments?