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  1. deathstalker

    S. catesbei fights back!!!

    So I had to transplant a couple of my Sarracenia into larger pots today and I noticed that one of the larger traps of my S. catesbei was "looking heavy". Upon further investigation I noticed the following trap taking matters into it's own hands and fighting back: The trap on the left is the...
  2. deathstalker

    Tarnok Noob Question?

    Hello fellow CP growers! Is it true that S. Tarnoks can not be pollinated to produce seed? I think I have read this in one of my books and it kinda makes sense but I just wanted to double check. I have three lime sized flowers this year and I was poking around in them kinda scratching my head...
  3. deathstalker

    deathstalker's grow list

    Sarracenia catesbei excellens leucophylla AJ01 rubra ssp gulfensis 'Red Form' flava 'Dana's Delight' 'Judith Hindle' 'Ladies in Waiting' 'Mardi Gras' flava ssp cuprea 'Scarlet Belle' 'Tarnok' minor var okefenokeensis 'Leo Song' purpurea alata black x flava red rubra ssp jonesii red 'Adrian...