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  1. Physalaemus

    sundew flowers do not open

    Many species of sundews open their flowers for just a couple hours at a time. You may just be having bad timing :P
  2. Physalaemus

    Zhilin's Plants in 2012

    All gorgeous but holy smokes, what is up with that aristo?
  3. Physalaemus

    Drosera scorpioides gemmae giveaway

    I'd love to take you up on this :D
  4. Physalaemus

    Highland chamber

    I have to echo everything that JB said. If you can at all move stuff around and go for a size that will accept 4' units, you will save money and have more space. 4' high bay t5's run me about $90 for a 4 bulb and $150 for a 6 bulb. By contrast, the cheapest 2' I can find is 100$. The bulbs are...
  5. Physalaemus

    Nepenthes glabrata troubleshooting

    Happy to report the basal growth is inflating pitchers. It seems to be responding well to my grow rack redux (update to that thread coming shortly). Thanks again everyone!
  6. Physalaemus

    Nepenthes Predator parentage

    No one's a Game of Thrones fan huh?
  7. Physalaemus

    What's wrong?!

    Dex, I didn't mean to imply that VFT's don't appreciate high light, but a plant that has been grown in dimmer conditions makes leaves that are adapted for dim conditions. For VFTs, this means the wide, flat green leaves with fluffy margins and thin cuticles. If you stick a plant with those...
  8. Physalaemus

    What's wrong?!

    How close are they to the lights? It kind of looks like the plants are drying out at the tips. That being said, did you recently increase the amount of light they're receiving? It looks like they're shifting from wide leaves (good for low light in high humidity) to long thin leaves (better for...
  9. Physalaemus

    Nepenthes Predator parentage

    This is how my brain interpreted this thought process: No hair on x 'Predator" huh? ::Looks at other hamata hybrids:: ... "the seed is strong"... maybe hamata was cuckolded by another truncata!
  10. Physalaemus

    Should the location of newly discovered species remain hidden?

    In every museum I've worked in, publicly-available locality data was kept to the county-level for this very reason.
  11. Physalaemus

    Some pics from the Philly zoo

    D'aw eyelash viper making friends with his dartfrog buddies. Why must my fiance insist on not having "dangerous" animals in the house... mind you the vicious killer cat gets a pass.
  12. Physalaemus

    Millipede tank

    Gratz! Which species? If you happen to have somehow gotten your hands on African Giant Millipedes (which shot up in price after exportation was banned), go for a 10 gallon. If you are keeping one of the smaller "giants", a 5 gallon is fine. Post pics! - Cthulhu beat me to it -
  13. Physalaemus

    Orchidioides utrics for postage

    ephippiata. Thanks for the offer!
  14. Physalaemus

    2nd South Bay Carnivorous Show and Sale

    Boo it would be the same day as the ENSI teacher workshop. Hmm... both in San Jose though. I guess I know what I'm doing on the lunch break. Save me some plants!
  15. Physalaemus

    Nepenthes glabrata troubleshooting

    Thanks for the replies everyone! If nothing else, misery loves company :P
  16. Physalaemus

    Nepenthes glabrata troubleshooting

    Hi all, Sorry I've been keeping so quiet lately. My fiance and I are finally moving ahead with wedding plans and I'm teaching a 10% overload this semester. So busy! I have a big update in the works though. I did want to see if anyone could help me with a bit of a mystery. I've had a Nepenthes...