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  1. JMatt

    Pinguicula primuliflora rose

    I haven’t been on here in a few years! Does anyone else here grow this plant? Flower seems like it just keeps going and going with the petals! Jeff - - - Updated - - - I can’t remember how to post pictures
  2. JMatt

    My two eddies.

    Hello there, Been a long time since i have posted anything! Just wanted to show you my two quite different N. edwardsianas. Both are seed grown, well the lighter colored one I know is and the really red one I was told is also seed grown? They both grow in my basement in a tank side by side...
  3. JMatt

    My eddies.

    I brought my plants outside to catch a cool afternoon shower. Figured I would take a few quick shots. There both growing at a pretty good clip now. I do give them coffee like once a month. The leaf jumps seem to be pretty good. I'm not sure if it's the coffee or just the plants settling in to my...
  4. JMatt

    My Hummers giants.

    Not exactly giants at the moment, but the plants overall have tripled in size since the Spring. It's just been too cold outside to get good shots so I did the best I could under T-5's. There are a few baby cuttings I took in the Spring too. The one in the white pot is just too crammed and will...
  5. JMatt

    N. singalana x hamata update.

    Hello all, Just figured I would show you how my plant has been doing lately. Since I last posted on 5-22-13, I re-potted my plant from that small stump pot into a much bigger plastic pot. Can't remember exactly what day I re-potted, but it was 5-22 or a couple days after? I have been giving it...
  6. JMatt

    Hummers giant cuttings, + plant update.

    Just thought I would show you a couple HG cuttings I just potted up today. Leaf/Pitcher. Just took a couple weeks. This is when I like to pot them up. The roots get too long and they brake easily! The other pictures are one HG plant I have that is still in a growth spurt. I just replaced a T-5...
  7. JMatt

    Couple Hummers Giants.

    Many of my plants were slacking for some time, but they are doing much better this Spring. Pitchers are still forming and have not really colored up yet. The pitchers can and have been bigger, I'm just glad they are healthy again! The last two pictures show the tell tale wide center rib Hummers...
  8. JMatt

    N. Eddy auction on Exotica Plants web site!

    Should be interesting. http://www.exoticaplants.com.au/welcome.aspx?page=73&mid=3&newsid=36
  9. JMatt

    N. singalana x hamata.

    Hello everybody! Been a long time since I have posted anything on here! Just figured I would show you my hamata hybrid, singalana x hamata. At the moment this is the closest thing I have to a hamata! Been so long, I haven't been in touch with anyone on here. Is anyone else growing this? Jeff
  10. JMatt

    Repotting my Drosera graomagolensis, what a shocker!

    Man I didn't know what I was getting myself into when I figured it was time for a good re-potting. At the ICPS/NECPS show I removed a few plants for trade with some people but wasn't able to get the full root out for each plant, now I know why. The pot they have been growing in for a few years...
  11. JMatt

    Drosera zigzagia flower, plus others.

    Just thought I would throw a couple quick shots of this plant. It has very nice yellow flowers. I also have D. macrophylla ssp. macrophylla in flower. Looks like my D. browniana will be flowering soon too. Don't want to forget my favorite one D. erythrorhiza ssp. squamosa! The last shot is my D...
  12. JMatt

    Lazy Sarurday dewy pix.

    These are some of my tuberous dews, looking pretty good at the moment. First is D. erythrorhiza ssp. squamosa sand form, my favorite! Some divisions and the mother plaant of my D. graomogolensis. If you look close at the last picture you will see they are just starting to send up flower spikes...
  13. JMatt

    Couple updated pitcher photos.

    My newest pitcher to open on my N. lowii x truncata wide, and another shot of my N. robcantleyi. I guess thats the new name? JMatt
  14. JMatt

    Drosera Graomogolensis update.

    Just a few pictures I took today. Av8tor1, what do you think of this pot? I think the roots are loving it! JMatt
  15. JMatt

    My Truncatas, QoH x KoS.

    I have two plants. The older they get the better they keep getting! The smaller plant is showing it's color pretty good already. The larger plant just opened up this pitcher about a week and a half ago. Still a little red, but getting darker every day. I hope it darkens up a little more for the...
  16. JMatt

    P. laueana

    Just wanted to show you all how much my plants have grown over the summer. The picture with the flowers was early last Spring, and the other picture was taken today. It's about that time it should start getting smaller again with the cooler nights in the basement. It's turned itself into three...
  17. JMatt

    D. graomogolensis

    Did a few divisions a while back. You can see them mixed in with the bigger plants. There all doing much better now being brought back in for the winter. I don't think I will even bother putting them out at all next summer. They always do much better for me in a tank in the basement. Much more...
  18. JMatt


    Just a quick couple shots of one of my B52 flytraps. Been meaning to get this on here for a few weeks, just haven't had much time. It's the first year that it really started showing what it's got. Truly an amazing plant! JMatt
  19. JMatt

    D. graomogolensis

    Been a while since I posted a picture of this. Last fall it was much more red in color. Recently it has put on quite a bit of new growth, maybe it will color up again in time? JMatt
  20. JMatt

    My favorite Ping!

    Recently I put a picture of my P. laueana on here and I just wanted to show everyone that it's still flowering. The old flower has moved on and is being replaced with two more. There is also another two on the way! I couldn't get a really god shot, it was a bit windy outside. Hope you like. JMatt