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    Photos from Splinter Hill Bog

    Hey everyone, I know it's been a while since I've posted here. Well, long story short I am finishing my senior year of high school in Montgomery, Alabama playing football for my brother. Yesterday, I had the day off from track so I decided to make the 2 1/2 hour drive down to Perdido to check...
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    unknown spectacular sarra hybrid

    this is a mature division off a great sarracenia hybrid from cal. carnivores, prior to me deviding this baby she had pitchers of to 32" should be a beauty in any collection, hardy through the heat and cold, some kind of hybrid involving leuco and flava or oreophila, mostly red flowers Starting...
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    I think I might quit cps

    Well all my pitchers on my sarras are completely dead, last weekend I came home to find out my mom forgot to turn the heater off and open the vents in the g/h its 135 degrees and all my sarras are burned to a crisp, my mom said she was sorry and it would never happen again, then today i come...
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    Sarracenia trades

    hello everone, I have alot of very BIG sarracenia, most are producing pitchers some are blooming I dont have a complete list here but msot could produce 2-3 foot pitchers, pm if interested and I'll get you a list
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    greenhouse equipment

    hey everyone, what would be a goodheater and maybe a swamp cooler for a greenhouse? I'm on a budget fo about 150 dollars if that helps
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    Hey everyone since most of the plants are exiting their dormancy now, at least for me I figured I twould be a good time to start the Sarracenia Photo thread for this year again! I'll get some photos later hopefully. Edit by Alvin Meister: Please put all photos in here to keep the forum from...
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    ICPS 2006 Conference

    Jeremiah plans on going and I might be there as well at first I didn't know if I'd have room this summer for it but after looking on the website at it I'm going to try to make room for it, sounds like alot of fun and a great opportunity for me to get to talk cps with some fellow growers, who...
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    trying to increase my Sarracenia Numbers

    Hello everyone! I am trying to get a few more Sarracenia to add to my growlist this spring so I'm offering some of mine up for trade: -2 S. oreophilla x flava (Mature flowering size plants from cutting) -2 S. flava (mature flowering size plants, 1 has a very nicely sized rhizome from cutting) -1...
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    Check this out

    has anyone see this? How was it? CP 3D Video
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    whats your flower count so far?

    I know its sort of early but Jeremiah brought his plants out of dormancy so I decided to be a copycat and did the same, my plants have onyl been out of dormancy for about 2 weeks and they're already putting up more pitchers than ever! plants that didnt put up one pitcher alst year have 2 buds...
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    Oh No!

    Well here's the thing, I have all my Sarracenia in dormancy under lights untill spring. Well this same thing happened last year during late February, my plants started flowering, last year I had around 14 before I moved them into the greenhouse, this year I have 1 so far but others are showing...
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    I got some seeds a while back for S. alata Covington, LA S. purpurea Saco, Maine and 4 Darlingtonia, all had some rate of success which I was expecting of the Sarracenia given that I used the regular germination tecnique taught to me by SarraceniaObsessed, but what I wasn't expecting was the...
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    Any cp things

    Hey everyone, I'm going down to San Angelo, TX for a feew days and was wondering if there is any growers suppliers or sites of cps near that area, I cannot drive very far too PFT Or Tler, so It will have to be pretty close to San Angelo
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    Who has started

    well I was just wondering who all had started to bring in their Sarracenia, It's late October, and I usually bring all mine in mid-november, anyways I've only put 2 away so far just to see how they would do If I left them in the greenhouse for dormancy, I put them under the shelves for less sun...
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    What heater do you use

    Hey everybody, I was just wondering what heaters are good for my zone, the one I use is fine down to 10 degrees but it gets to negative 20 here, and I was just wanting to see if theres any cheap way to get a really good heater
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    Fall cleaning in the greenhouse

    I just finished with fall cleaning in the greenhouse I have a few Sarracenia for trade, some rooted divisions, some plants, some unrooted divisions, and sopme seedlings here is the list: -2 S. minor 'Giant' x alata 1 medium division rooted, 1 unrooted small plant -1 S. june bug, failry large...
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    Spare vft 'fused tooth' for grabs

    Hey everybody, it seems to me that this plant is in heavy demand, I really want to distribute it and would like to get myself a nice plant as well, up for trade is one SMALL offshoot of a D. muscipula 'Fused Tooth' from my plant. this is a small plant, not extremely small maybe would be the size...
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    Cps and aeoroponics

    Hey guys, well I was at the Denver Flower Show last spring with jeremaih selling plants right. I decide to go look around at the booths, there were some nice displays, some cool ideas, but when I was getting back to our booth something caught my eye, It was a booth with a few stands, like...
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    Looking for heliamphora and nepenthes

    Hey guys, I have some nice Sarracenia divisions available for trade, I am interested in pretty much anything but mostly Helis and Neps, check out my growlist, and if you see something I dont have extras of but are still interested, pm me anyway and I'll see if its divisable, here is my growlist...
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    Anyone have photos of a starting vine?

    for a while now I have had my N. inermis in the greenhouse and indoors, it is almost 8" high now, but the first 7" are smaller in diameter than the last inch, it has had this change in size in the "vine" area for a while now, I need to know if it is starting a vine or if it is just responding to...